Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 Politics

This year there is very little to keep your eyes on and even less reason to vote. What a relief for those of us in SE WI who have had races, recalls, recounts etc. for 2 1/2 years!.

But a few things to watch:
 Gov Races in New Jersey and Virginia and 2 Special Senate elections in Mass and Hawaii

NJ's Gov Chris Christie has a challenger but he seems to be going no where..Likely Christie will have an easy re-election here.  Good for him a purple tilting state.

Virginia has become more "purple" over the years and the current GOP Gov has been great Bob McDonnell, we'll prob see him n the 2016 GOP Prez line-up.   But Virginia is term limited at one 4 year term.  So Ken Cuccinelli the State's Atty General is the early favorite for this November's election.  His challenger is Terry McAulliffe who has run before and was closely connected to Bill Clinton.  He was also the spokesperson for the Dem Party for a few years.  His bullying style, his dishonest smile and tendency to lie about almost anything is catching up to him I believe.  The early polls have Ken C. up 51-41 with "likely" voters.  

Massachusetts Senate Special election:
When Teddy Kennedy died in 2010 and the TEA Party was just getting it's legs.  This Scott Brown came out of no where in a VERY Blue State.  I didn't have much hope when folks were thrilled he was only 19 points behind Marth Coakley..  then a week later he closed to 9 points.. and I started to give it a little credit, but was still doubtful...then he won the seat in the second Bluest state in the USA.

That said, how does that compare to the June 25th election.   3 polls are out this week and the leading Dem Cong. Ed Markey, vs GOP candidate Gabriel Gomez.  wth about 45 days to go Markey has only a 4-5 point lead..and is at about 44%.  Markey is known in Massachusetts for decades!  He should be well over 50% already.  Thus it's a real race in Mass this Summer.   I'll be watching..if Gomez doesn't say anything stupid he can win this race.    If that happens the GOP is in GREAT shape to take back the US Senate in 2014.  They'll need 4 for a tie and 5 for control.  If they do either it sends a message to Barack Obama that his agenda is dead and not welcome to America with the TEA Party in leadership in the GOP across the country.

We'll keep an eye out for more changes or updates.

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