Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WI State Supreme Ct Balance

This April we face the choice of Justice Pat Roggensack vs. Ed Fallone the liberals choice,  (Vince Megna appears to be getting zero traction.   The question is will there be enough energy behind this race. to bring out the Right and Left forces, and thus be a repeat of Prosser vs. Kloppenberg.

The Conservative vs. Liberal balance is in play this year.  Regardless of how it turns out, this race could be replayed for the next several years.  There is no scheduled Supreme Court race for 2014, (unless there is a vacancy due to retirement or death, which Scott Walker would appoint, and then a race would be called for April 2014), but 2015 will be the seat of Liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, the "Robin" to Shirley Abrahamson's "Batman" persona; 2016 will be a face off of Justice Pat Crooks who originally was perceived as a Conservative, and has been the most middle of the road of all 7 justices.  Most Court watchers believe he will retire, (he'll be 78  in 2016).   Shirley Abrahmason will be 80 this year and could decide to retire at anytime, Shirley would hate to allow Scott Walker to appoint her replacement after the lecture she gave him at his swearing in Jan 2011.

The next Conservative up for a challenge won't be until 2017 when Annette Zielgler is up followed by Michael Gableman in 2018 and then Shirley Abrahamson in 2019 at the age of 86.

Current ages:
Shirley Abrahamson 79    L
Patrick Crooks        75    L /M
Pat Roggensack       72    C
David Prosser          70    C
Ann Walsh Bradley  62    L
Annette Ziegler        48    C
Michael Gableman   46    C

If Roggensack were to lose it would be an unpleasant year or 2..but long term things look good for the Conservative wing of the court..and this is what makes Shirley Abrahmason so miserable.  I wouldn't be surprised if she retires if Roggensack wins re-election, knowing it'll be years before she can hope to have any  power on the court.

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