Sunday, January 20, 2013

Put our City Employees on ObamaCare and save 14 Million dollars a year!

In the City of Racine, and the county the people voted overwhelmingly for President Obama, Russ Feingold, and Tammy Baldwin.  Thus it's a safe bet that the majority of those folks support the idea of Obama-Care.  Among the Govt. Employees of Racine city, county, Gateway, and RUSD It's a safe bet the same is true among the staff of each of those entities.

Under Obama-Care Employers with over 50 employees have 2 options:
First they can offer a plan with mandates imposed by the Federal Govt.
Secondly They can NOT insure their employees, and pay a 2000 per employee "Fine", that will be used to set up "exchanges".

Since each of these entities above has more than 50 employees, and are facing difficulties in funding I suggest we take advantage of option #2.

For instance the City of Racine has about 800 employees.  At a cost of 2000.00 per employee the cost to the city would be about 1.2 Million dollar for the "Fine".    We are currently spending in excess of 16 Million dollars a year in health insurance costs. This would treat every worker fairly and equally regardless of gender, age, race or sexual preference.  More importantly though it would save the City of Racine Taxpayers  over 14.8 Million dollars a YEAR!!   That is enough cash to eliminate every tax increase we have had in over a decade!  Those Saving will last for years to come!

If the same ObamaCare policy that the Democrats voted for almost unanimously in America were applied to the City, State, Federal employees we would balance our budget in ONE year I believe.  The surpluses available at every level of Govt. would mean big tax cuts across many levels of Govt for years to come.   It might also make a Lifetime of Govt employment not as appealing.

This is something for us to seriously consider.  Let it begin in Racine, before we vote raise our own taxes.  If the message gets around the country fast enough, we could see the end of Obama-Care before it ruins the fabric of American business and liberty forever!


  1. Looks like someone proposed my idea to Milwaukee employees!!

  2. Yep, and it was shot down by my colleagues because they labeled it a "sham" and my efforts to understand how federal laws would affect our local government "premature" and best of all, they were upset that I hadn't requested meetings with them individually before the committee meeting in order to pitch my proposal. Nevermind that the proposal was simply to RESEARCH the law and its effects. Thanks anyway for linking back to this page, the blog was intriguing.

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