Friday, January 11, 2013

Aldermanic Candidates Who Signed Recalls

The City Aldermanic candidate list is complete I thought it would be worth checking to see who did and who didn't sign recall papers against Wangaard and Walker last year.  So we can divine a little understanding of who is in favor of controlling the size and scope of City Govt.:

1st District
Keith FAIR (i)                          Didn't sign recall paper for Walker or Wangaard
Jeff COE                                 Signed the Walker Recall only
Shana HENDERSON             Signed BOTH recall forms
Marlo HARMON                    Doesn't appear to have signed either
Captain Ed JIRSA                   Didn't sign either form.

3rd District
Mike D SHIELDS (i)               Signed BOTH recall forms
J. Nicole SERVANTEZ           Inconclusive but appears to not have signed*
      (* a Jennifer Servantez signed, not sure if it's the same person).

5th District
Melissa BECKER-Kaprelian (i)Signed BOTH recall forms
Jeff WARG                              Signed the Walker recall only

12th District (open seat)
Colin McKENNA                    Signed BOTH recall forms (dropped form the race)
Henry PEREZ                           Signed neither

15th District
Robert MOZUL (i)                   Signed neither
Dr. Eddie DIEHL                     Signed neither
Dennis SHAW                         Signed neither    (dropped from the race)
Gerald BESTOR                      Signed BOTH and Signed the Walker recall twice!

JTimes story

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