Thursday, November 8, 2012

The TEA Party is still winning, It's not time to change our message

OK first off Obama won, he won small not big.. He hasn't changed the momentum of the TEA Party..maybe a little slow down; but we aren't going away.

First of all Obama was down 10 Million voters, and the GOP was only down 2.5 Million.  Mitt lost by 2.5 Million, who are these people?  Researching now to determine who they were.  If we had gotten those folks to the polls we'd win and the demographic numbers would be pretty much the same as 2008..but our side would've won.  In the 10 swing states they all went less for Obama than 2008..that means we are winning, even if we didn't capture the Flag.

Several states like Wisconsin had big increases in State control by the GOP candidates.  Only a few House seats changed hands.   While we lost a few Senate seats..we are still way ahead of where we were on th eFirst day of November 2010..a week later we took the House and Senate and Governorship's and State legislatures..we essentially held our ground in what Prez Obama called a "Shellacking" back in Nov 2010.

So while we fell short of the Presidential race..It was one of the closest losses ever against a sitting President.  had the vote been a week earlier or Hurricane Sandy hadn't landed when it did Romney Ryan would've won as predicted by Karl Rove, Michael Barone and others.

The post-mortum on all the round tables is that the TEA Party is hurting the GOP. BS I say, The fact is R&R ran an economics based election and they just barely missed winning.  It's not time to change our position on amnesty for's not time to embrace abortion or gay marriage or birth control pills for law students.

We are being asked to make an outreach to Hispanics...I think our party already is the outreach for them and over the years as they become wealthier and more successful they will find themselves at home in the GOP based on family, personal responsibility, and rewarding success.  We currently get about 70% of the Latino voters.  We do much worse than that in California. but California is a lost cause for us these days.  the rest of the countries Latins are more open to our message.  As for the "black" vote..  Obama did very well with them in both election cycles 2008 & 12.. around 94%  but historically the GOP gets about 12-15%., When the candidate isn't Black we should see this number back to normal.  As more middle class blacks earn more and become business owners we'll grab back about 1 % every 2 years for another generation I think.

So all of this angst about the GOP and the TEA Party needing to Kow-Tow to these micro groups is just silly.  Stay focused primarily on Taxes, Spending and the "Economy Stupid" and we'll continue to grow our majorities...For now hold Obama in check and don't give him anything.  He is a lame-duck.and is unable to lead at anything.  2014 is just around the corner.


  1. If this was such a narrow victory for Obama....why is he only the 6th President in history and only the first president since Eisenhower to be elected twice with 51% or more of the popular vote? I just can't reconcile the apparent inconsistencies here. Please explain for my benefit if you can.

  2. He is the first President in over a century to win re-election with less voters than his first election. He also has thus far in his second term been entirely ineffectual. His SOTU last night was filled with fluff. He will not get the Min wage increased..he will not get the gun-control he wold like. He will not get the sequester that he requested to stop. Teh American people supported the GOP in the past election in the House, and except for a few badly placed comments by some GOP Senate candidates made little change in the Senate. In 2014 the Prez and the GOP all expect he'll lose even more ground to the TEA Party.