Friday, August 10, 2012

Paul RYAN will be the Veep!

As i have predicted for 4 years Paul Ryan will be announced aboard the USS Wisconsin tomorrow morning in Norfolk Virginia.   Aviation reports have Romney's plane parked earlier this evening was in Janesville having traveled from Boston to Chicago.  word is the others were all contacted and told they were not the pick.  And Ryan's people have stated Ryan is on "vacation" in Colorado.


TEA Party Express Endorses Neumann for Senate.

I have been embroiled in a fun, yet somewhat heated exchange on Facebook the past few days and the talk radio hosts have also chimed in on the issue.

A few days ago The TEA Party Express blew the lid off the Wisconsin Senate Primary.  A few days prior to this move members of some of the State TEA Party groups released a statement of support for Eric Hovde...Now they tried to be cute and claim the actual TEA Party groups were NOT endorsing.   It seems likely the TPX had let it be known they were NOT supporting Eric Hovde..and so the tried to launch a preemptive strike.  Not a bad strategy I applaud them!

However when TPX swooped in and thru it's support, endorsement and lots of $$$ in advertisement, the state groups went apoplectic!   Scowling and snarling on Facebook, Press release going out to anyone who would read them on the air.   The group that is trying to keep a centralized message..was behaving a divisively as possible, and claiming the other group was being divisive!!  It was almost comical. 

 I spent 2 days interacting with dozens of folks on both sides of the issue.  The fact that they are so EXTREMELY pissed is what is so funny.  If the TPX had endorsed Eric Hovde instead they would be skipping and jumping and none of these scurrilous charges about "Outside Groups don't speak for us.".

The fact is Racine TEA is the ONLY TP group in the state that COULD have made and endorsement..and the group couldn't come to consensus, so they did the Non-endorsement endorsement.

As most of my readers know I am, and continue to be, an enthusiastic supporter of the TEA Party movement.    I just felt this silly exchange was so transparent..I suspect behind the scenes the Eric Hovde campaign is in real chaos right now..and they suspect that Mark Neumann is going to actaually win this race after all.

The latest polls show very little change, with the slight exceptions of:

Jeff Fitzgerald is still going nowhere, and his voters are looking for a winner now.

Thompson's support has caved and he's in a virtual tie for 2nd.

Hovde is leading or second but so close to Neumann and Thompson to be within margin of error.  (folks are asking why should I vote for Hovde if he's running as Mark Neumann anyway,  why not vote for REAL thing instead).

The only one trending upwards is Neumann. In the virtual 3 way tie after having trailed for most of the past few months.  The latest polls came out BEFORE the TEA Party Express ad's hit the airwaves..and those ads are VERY GOOD!

Still a high number of undecideds, and low turnout.because so many people like all of these guys. ( I do too).

My prediction:  Mark Neumann wins with 32-38%

Bring on Tammy Baldwin!

For the record I am voting for and endorsing Mark Neumann,  But Hovde was my second choice.
Mark is the ONLY candidate who is running who has actual experience balancing the Federal budget.

May the best man win..and then beat Tammy Baldwin.

UPDATE:   An email sent from FreedomWorks was sent today asking the reader to Endorse Eric Hovde and list their TEA Party affiliate!!  Sounds like the FW/ Hovde campaign are worried!