Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walker's win Shocks City Hall

It looks like the folks in Racine's City Hall were under the delusion that Scott Walker was as hated by the Taxpayers as he is despised by the City Workers.    Foolish children!   Word is today that several highly paid workers at City Hall will be retiring soon, before the effects of Act 10 hit them and their positions. 

This is good news for the Taxpayers..  No offense but new workers are less expensive.

I also heard a rumor that Mayor Dickert is proposing a wage Roll-Back for city workers!  If this is true then I say Hurray!  I presume this would be done to avoid re-opening the Union contracts, and push back the enforcement of Act 10 until the last possible date. 

In 3 weeks we will know the Governors Study results about whether or not we must be forced to use the Pension system vs. a 401K type system for our employees.   It's looking very promising that the switch can be made.   Now if we can get those changes and some roll-backs in wages we can begin to start showing our Government is listening to the Taxpayers!  

Attention City Hall workers the voters of Wisconsin have spoken, we want our Govt smaller, cheaper and Union free!   Mayor John Dickert I think your finally listening!  I hope it's true. 


  1. Today the J. Times broke the story about the roll back at City Hall!

  2. The ONLY reason Dickert would propose a huge rollback for employees with Contracts he already signed is because he knows how many Businesses are planning on leaving with the 6.42% RUSD tax hike and the $500,000 increase by Gateway. How much more tax base destruction can the homeowners of Racine take?

    Dickert says he can't raise the levy enough - but he can fool with property values. Every trick in the book will be pulled!

    AND - if signed Contracts with the union are suddenly NULL and VOID - what about the contract with Tom Friedel and John Dickert?

    Racine is the first word found in teh definition of CORRUPTION!