Saturday, June 2, 2012

Numbers from the TEA Party

Todays TEA Party in Caledonia was just fantastic.  Here's some numbers I picked up from folks at the event and the speakers.

4000+       Crowd estimates seemed to be 4000 or more.  The area covered with folks was much bigger than the BonFire TEA Party of Jan 2010.  We have lots of photo's that'll be looked at carefully to get a more accurate count.What an amazing day for a rally!

175          New jobs that will be announced in a local Racine County business on Monday, (nearly doubling it's workforce!)...It's Working!!

10,000      The number of "Early" voters in the city of Milwaukee.  The press has been reporting nearly 100,000 and up.  Clearly the Dems are in much bigger trouble than they thought. But go vote anyway!

350           The number of "Early" voters on Saturday, despite the huge rally in Milwaukee, they expected thousands!!

55% Decrease!   The number of AFSCME members in Wisconsin.  It looks Like if they aren't Forced to join they leave in droves!   It's Working!

2              Or Rather number 2!    Paul Ryan was there and he was fantastic as always.  And hta'ts why i still believe he will the Number TWO on the ticket with Mitt Romney this Fall!

2 Dozen   The number of volunteers that were at the Racine Victory Centers for ILLINOIS!!  While our volunteers were at the rally.  Thanks to Lake county for sending the troops North!!

#1            Special congratulations to Zane Navartil...who couldn't attend the rally, and neither did his parents..because Zane was playing Tennis in Madison in the State Championship Finals.  After a 2 day long event Racine's own Prairie School sophomore Zane Navartil wins the State Championship!!!   Way to go ZANE!  We are very proud!

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