Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TEA Party wins the Tri-Fecta!

Yesterday Voters in Indiana turned out to toss out Dick Lugar R-IN, who is tied as the longest currently serving GOP Senator in the US, (With Orrin Hatch of UT). Lugar lost by about 20 points in the open primary. The Club For Growth and other TP and RINO slaying groups..were out for another scalp.  The got rid of Lincoln Chafee, Arlen Spector, Sen Bob Bennett, Olympia Snowe took herself out this year, and several other pelts over the last 10 years.  (Orrin Hatch is also in their sites this year).

The second TP win yesterday was 2 fold..First of all most people didn't need to get out in Wisconsin for Scott Walker but 640 thousand did anyway.. another 5-30 thousand Republicans are thought to have voted in the Dem Primary to skew those results, mostly in Katie Falks favor.

Also in Wisconsin..the MILLION recall signers failed to show up and vote in the Dem primary seems like the really motivated folks were about 650 thousand. Makes you wonder how many more multiple signatures that Recall the Vote missed.

3rd victory was in NC where another ban on gay marriage was proposed..even though the TEA Party isn't focused on social issues, they still tend to represent traditional families and those values. They were surely out in force where the measure lost 61-39..even losing in Democratic strongholds in NC.   This bodes badly for Obama's plans to win NC twice in a row..  The DNC is hosting it's convention in NC this August and it lookes like it might backfire.  In the Democratic Pres primary yesterday Obama won 80% of the vote..but 20% of the DEMOCRACTIC voters, voted "No Preference" in yesterdays primary.

The TEA Party is alive and well..we're just not out doing rallies..we are actively in the game, working the polls, talking to our friends, and most importantly we are voting like never before!

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  1. You said it my brotha from another motha! Stand by for November OBAMA and the rest of you dems and RINO's!!!