Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kenya or Hawaii? Prez. 0 is Lying either way.

OK I have resisted becoming a "birther" know those fringy people who think Pres. Zero wasn't born in the US.  I am not saying I have become one but it looks like the original "Birther" was in fact Barack Obama himself...since he's the one who declared his birthplace in Kenya for over 16 years.  I'd like to have someone review the Oprah appearances, and see if she ever referred to his birth. 

Let's look at some of the issues here; as I understand them.  

If Barack was born in Kenya..he would still be eligible to be a "Natural Born citizen", because his mother was a citizen..regardless of who his father was.  BUT.... He would need to formalize that "condition" at some time in his life..and then be a US citizen for 7 years before being sworn in.  If he was born in Hawaii it wouldn't be required..unless he renounced his US citizenship at some point in his life.  

So why did the publicist write for over 16 years that Barack Obama was born in Kenya? The publisher made updates on Obama's Bio from 1991-2007.  Because he wasn't in the US Senate in 1991.  I suspect there will be updates in the late 90's after he became a St. Senator in Illinois.  Even when he gave his great speech at the 2004 Convention his Bio was still declaring he was born in Kenya. In fact he had already begun running for Pres in April of 2007 (according to Wiki ". His presidential campaign began in February 2007").  Then he or someone from his campaign realized the inconvenience of this little Bio. 

President Obama either pretended to be Kenyan born when he was trying to sell books, and get speaking gigs, or is pretending to be Hawaiian born so he can serve as Prez .  The Press in Kenyan has followed this man's career for many years and have often posted stories of his achievements over the years occasionally referencing his Kenyan birth.  His Kenyan Grandmother has often spoke publicly of his birth in her village.    The flight records for Hawaii from the week around his birth are missing.  It's long acknowledged that Stanley and Barack Sr. were in Kenyan the week before his birth, and flight records from before and after those weeks are available to research, but not that week. 

Add to that, the Presidents SS# is a Connecticut number..and yet BO has no record of living in CT.  The long form document of his Hawaiian BC is a fraud.  His draft registration seems to be suddenly "unavailable".  The state of Hawaii is on lock down over his BC.  The items in the newspaper in Hawaii are not proof.  In fact I know of postings for grandchildren born in Florida that are sometimes posted in the local Racine paper.  

How can Obama clear up this mystery?  It's easy.  Open up your college application records, and your transcripts while your at it. The birth certificate you submitted last year is not authentic.  I am nearly the same age as Prez O. And I am well acquainted of all the college entry doc's that were being circulated at that time.  They all asked for race, and nationality info on those applications.  Pell Grants, and BEOG's etc. all compiled that information..even dorm arrangements asked for race, etc.   Everyone knows that there were preferences given for minority students, and lower test scores were treated differently for minority students.  Add to that the exotic birthplace of either Indonesia, or Kenyan would be irresistible, for Occidental College, and Columbia, and later Harvard.  Bill Ayers parents were so proud of the "foreign born" student who's college education fees they were assisting with.  

Where am I going with this? What if it's true and he wasn't born in Hawaii? If at any point it can proven he'll not need to be impeached..he simply will cease to be able serve in the role of President.  VP Biden immediately is in charge.  If Obama was never a "legitimately" President, would any of the Laws he signed be valid? Would any of his Veto's be in effect or would all of those bills become laws?  

Make no mistake I don't want Joe Biden to be President ever!!  His careless mouth will embarrass the Presidency during whatever little bit of time he'd serve.   I think the media will have a hard time swallowing whatever BS the press secretary will throw at the Press this week as these real questions are explored.  There is no mistake here, this was calculated to sell books, or it was calculated to make him appear to be eligible to run for the Presidency.  

The real question is will the Sunday shows actually take up this topic?  If Obama is unable to come up with something quickly..his re-election will be greatly harmed..and he's already in trouble.  If this stuff starts to stick, will the DNC sit by and let Obama crash the party in yet a second Tsunami of defeat.  Is there a Barry Goldwater who can go into the Prez. office and tell the Prez he needs to suspend his campaign, or even resign. Who would they nominate instead, Hillary?  I think they have about 30 days to decide how they can best handle this situation, in either case it's obvious that Obama will say whatever is convenient at the time..he's now a known liar.  Will an American public already skeptical of this guy who was clearly not ready to be the Prez re-elect him.  

I suspect the Dems will go all in and hope that David Gregory, George Steph, Chris Matthews, Dan Rather, and the rest of the big network players will run cover for them for a few more months.  

I have been estimating that Romney would win this year by 2-3% and as much 300 EV's but if this stuff gets around in the folks could be another 2010 meets 1984 sea change!  It'll take another generation for the Dems to ever regain control.  

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  1. Great Article. Some of us have been saying this all along. As you research you can find that a lot of the information has been in articles since BEFORE the previous election. But the media remained silent on it. Time to reveal all that was hidden.