Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is the TEA Party over; Or is it Taking OVER?

Many fellow TEA Partiers were not excited that Mitt Romney was gonna be the GOP candidate for President. They spent the past 3 1/2 years in denial and swinging their support from Sarah Palin, to Herman Cain, Rick Perry and even Rick Santorum and Newt had their turns as the favorite..but it was always gonna be Mitt..and I have been making the case for the entire time.  Now some folks believe the base won't turn out because Mitt's a RINO... I say BS!

The TEA Party had a chance to beat Mitt..but it would've needed to be done in 2011, but the TEA Party sat on it's $$ and energy last year for the most part and lost it's head of steam for over a year.   Now I understand the logic..and I do not think the TEA Party is over, quite to the contrary, I think the TP is already having an impact on the Fall 2012 elections..they just missed the Presidential race...but their actually better off because of it.   Mitt Romney was the best candidate to attract "Moderate" and "Indy" voters of anyone in the primary.  Because he'll be the non-threatening standard bearer the GOP and the TP will be able to make inroads they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Next week the first scalp in the GOP/ RINO camp will be won in Indiana where Dick Lugar is going to lose the GOP primary to Richard Mourdock.  The Club For Growth, the TP base and other conservative forces have told Lugar to start packing.  Mourdock should have a pretty easy job of holding the seat for the GOP.  In Utah last week failed to grant Orrin Hatch a free ride in the primary, by just a few Hatch will be challenged from the "Right".  and could be upset and thus the second scalp.

Looking closer at Wisconsin..where Tommy Thompson the favorite should have an easy walk to victory..but his Old School "Conservatism", seems to have grown tired. Tommy's inability to hear and his age has begun to show.   Eric Hovde is vying against Mark Neumann for the TEA Party platform...Tommy could win if these 2 factions remain split.  Neumann has the better credentials, and better name recognition than Hovde..but Hovde is spending big bucks to get his name & message out there.  Next weeks GOP state party convention is expecting 2000 delegates to attend..many of these are the TP forces.  There are false charges the "Establishment" is trying to block credentials to protect Tommy Thompson.  I would warn the establishment against that idea, and suggest those spreading false info relating to this to stop!

The Senate races across the country are still very much in play at least 8 seats are within reach, and the mobilized, educated, and now armed with smarter phones, technology, and energy untapped by Barack Obama's failures..could see a sweep of these races.  I would also suggest Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, and Michigan's Debbie Stabenow should be watching their backs.  Pete Hoekstra is a long time Congressman with great credentials..if he can get the Wolverine State's TP on his side he can win, same thing applies to Ohio's Josh Mandel.

Last week I wrote about the changes in the Upper mid-west. Those changes began 20 years ago with Gov Tommy Thompson and Gov John Engler.  The country is now 29R-19D-2I.  (And Puerto Rico even has a GOP Gov!).  There are 11 Gov races in November and the GOP looks like it will pick up 2 more seats and 2 others are toss-ups and both of those are currently held by Dems.

The real measure of the TEA Party to determine if they are a flash in the pan of history, or if they have become the backbone of the GOP/ Conservative Party.  The first real test will be next Tuesday May 8th in Indiana..followed on June 5th when Scott Walker wins his recall election.  Those 2 races will set the tone for the rest of the year.   So if you support the TEA Party right now is the time to put your money, energy, and time behind the TEA Party candidates across the country.  We have the chance to set back the Liberal/ Progressive agenda for another generation...and the fight starts NOW!!!!

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  1. Well said bud! November 2012's going to bring a lot of "change" but... it's not going to be to the liking of Obama or the UNIONS!!!