Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kenya or Hawaii? Prez. 0 is Lying either way.

OK I have resisted becoming a "birther" know those fringy people who think Pres. Zero wasn't born in the US.  I am not saying I have become one but it looks like the original "Birther" was in fact Barack Obama himself...since he's the one who declared his birthplace in Kenya for over 16 years.  I'd like to have someone review the Oprah appearances, and see if she ever referred to his birth. 

Let's look at some of the issues here; as I understand them.  

If Barack was born in Kenya..he would still be eligible to be a "Natural Born citizen", because his mother was a citizen..regardless of who his father was.  BUT.... He would need to formalize that "condition" at some time in his life..and then be a US citizen for 7 years before being sworn in.  If he was born in Hawaii it wouldn't be required..unless he renounced his US citizenship at some point in his life.  

So why did the publicist write for over 16 years that Barack Obama was born in Kenya? The publisher made updates on Obama's Bio from 1991-2007.  Because he wasn't in the US Senate in 1991.  I suspect there will be updates in the late 90's after he became a St. Senator in Illinois.  Even when he gave his great speech at the 2004 Convention his Bio was still declaring he was born in Kenya. In fact he had already begun running for Pres in April of 2007 (according to Wiki ". His presidential campaign began in February 2007").  Then he or someone from his campaign realized the inconvenience of this little Bio. 

President Obama either pretended to be Kenyan born when he was trying to sell books, and get speaking gigs, or is pretending to be Hawaiian born so he can serve as Prez .  The Press in Kenyan has followed this man's career for many years and have often posted stories of his achievements over the years occasionally referencing his Kenyan birth.  His Kenyan Grandmother has often spoke publicly of his birth in her village.    The flight records for Hawaii from the week around his birth are missing.  It's long acknowledged that Stanley and Barack Sr. were in Kenyan the week before his birth, and flight records from before and after those weeks are available to research, but not that week. 

Add to that, the Presidents SS# is a Connecticut number..and yet BO has no record of living in CT.  The long form document of his Hawaiian BC is a fraud.  His draft registration seems to be suddenly "unavailable".  The state of Hawaii is on lock down over his BC.  The items in the newspaper in Hawaii are not proof.  In fact I know of postings for grandchildren born in Florida that are sometimes posted in the local Racine paper.  

How can Obama clear up this mystery?  It's easy.  Open up your college application records, and your transcripts while your at it. The birth certificate you submitted last year is not authentic.  I am nearly the same age as Prez O. And I am well acquainted of all the college entry doc's that were being circulated at that time.  They all asked for race, and nationality info on those applications.  Pell Grants, and BEOG's etc. all compiled that information..even dorm arrangements asked for race, etc.   Everyone knows that there were preferences given for minority students, and lower test scores were treated differently for minority students.  Add to that the exotic birthplace of either Indonesia, or Kenyan would be irresistible, for Occidental College, and Columbia, and later Harvard.  Bill Ayers parents were so proud of the "foreign born" student who's college education fees they were assisting with.  

Where am I going with this? What if it's true and he wasn't born in Hawaii? If at any point it can proven he'll not need to be impeached..he simply will cease to be able serve in the role of President.  VP Biden immediately is in charge.  If Obama was never a "legitimately" President, would any of the Laws he signed be valid? Would any of his Veto's be in effect or would all of those bills become laws?  

Make no mistake I don't want Joe Biden to be President ever!!  His careless mouth will embarrass the Presidency during whatever little bit of time he'd serve.   I think the media will have a hard time swallowing whatever BS the press secretary will throw at the Press this week as these real questions are explored.  There is no mistake here, this was calculated to sell books, or it was calculated to make him appear to be eligible to run for the Presidency.  

The real question is will the Sunday shows actually take up this topic?  If Obama is unable to come up with something quickly..his re-election will be greatly harmed..and he's already in trouble.  If this stuff starts to stick, will the DNC sit by and let Obama crash the party in yet a second Tsunami of defeat.  Is there a Barry Goldwater who can go into the Prez. office and tell the Prez he needs to suspend his campaign, or even resign. Who would they nominate instead, Hillary?  I think they have about 30 days to decide how they can best handle this situation, in either case it's obvious that Obama will say whatever is convenient at the time..he's now a known liar.  Will an American public already skeptical of this guy who was clearly not ready to be the Prez re-elect him.  

I suspect the Dems will go all in and hope that David Gregory, George Steph, Chris Matthews, Dan Rather, and the rest of the big network players will run cover for them for a few more months.  

I have been estimating that Romney would win this year by 2-3% and as much 300 EV's but if this stuff gets around in the folks could be another 2010 meets 1984 sea change!  It'll take another generation for the Dems to ever regain control.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walker 55%; Barrett 45%

I know it's just a little early to make predictions about the highly unusual recall vote on June 5th.  But I have been doing some info. gathering about what happened in the primary.

FIRST: the urban/Black voters in Milwaukee and Racine and even Madison didn't bother to even vote in the primary, despite the fact that more than half of the signatures the were gathered for this recall from those very neighborhoods.  Jim Widgerson last week reviewed the voters that showed up Here: I did an analysis as well Tea Party Trifecta.  Widgy demonstrated the GOP vote out performed the Dem vote by almost 200,000, My number was closer to 30,000.  Someplace between there would be 125K.

Second:  The DNC is not throwing much money at the Barrett campaign and most importantly the GOTV $$ of $500,000 and the money is not coming. That money is the lifeblood of Dem campaigns.  You see every Urban area and neighborhoods have a a "Guy" who gets paid to go do knock and drags in the central city.  I didn't believe this was actually done,  But I have learned that it's common in Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, Milwaukee and even right here in Racine!  The primary battle didn't use this tactic..and now it'll be interesting to see if the Dems are willing to go voluntarily to the polls to vote Mayor Milquetoast.  I suspect not.

Third: Their are very few undecideds according to all the polls for the past several months, so it's gonna come down to turnout.   With virtually ZERO GOTV motivation the GOP outperformed the Dems in the primary by 100K, and tens of thousands of GOP voters didn't even know Walker had a challenger!

Fourth:  The people of Wisconsin already know both of these guys..they just had a showdown in Nov 2010, and it wasn't really a nail-biter, Walker won!  A number of Barrett voters accept the results and will not vote at all, some will vote to keep Walker.  And the national support for Barrett is drying up fast!

My estimate off 55/45  might actually be too low!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sen Wanggaard or Lehman? NEITHER!!

Attn. Racine City residents:
 CRG asks the question:

Who will be your State Senator in January of 2013?

Van Wanggaard or John Lehman?


No matter who wins on June 5th, neither of them is “our” Senator anymore. Thanks to redistricting the Senate District #21 now includes Caledonia, Most of Mt. Pleasant and almost all of Kenosha County except for the City of Kenosha. It doesn't include the City of Racine any more. 

The city of Racine's new SD#22 will be an “open” seat for those of us in Racine. Sen Bob Wirch who has spent 16 years in office has decided he will move his home into the new district and will be running to represent the people of Kenosha and Racine cities. You might think he would run unopposed..but how many people who actually live in the City of Racine even know a hing about Sen. Bob Wirch?

Not very many. The good news for Racine is that Bob Wirch will have a challenger:

This morning WLIP am 1050 on the Lenny Palmer Show

PAM STEVENS announced she will be running for the SD # 22! 

Pam Stevens has been on the KUSD for the past 9 years where she served 2 years as Board President. Pam is a single Mom, Grandmother, business manager and is very interested in Educational oppurtunites for all children.  Ms. Stevens was a supporter of school choice for Racine and would support expanding the program to the KUSD district. Ms Stevens Is also concerned about crime in the KR region, and will work with law enforcement, the DA's office and the judiciary to improve our system.

CRG of Racine has asked Ms. Stevens to explore the extension of 794 into, and through the Cities of Racine and Kenosha.  CRG urges you to check her out her facebook page Pam Stevens for Senate,  or her web site

Please check her out, either Pam Stevens or Bob Wirch will represent those of us here in the City of Racine.

When things get tough Racine can count on Pam Stevens to stay in Madison and do her job, not run off to Rockford.  If Pam is elected Racine can count on her to keep the budget spending under control and not to raise taxes.  Racine can depend on Pam Stevens to watch for fraud and abuse of our welfare system.   Most importantly when a company wants to bring jobs to Wisconsin, whether its for mining, science, manufacturing or promoting our natural resources from boarder to boarder,  Pam Stevens understands the importance of  jobs and Wisconsins future.  Lower Taxes, smaller Govt. and more individual liberty.  At first blush Ms. Stevens looks like someone to watch!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TEA Party wins the Tri-Fecta!

Yesterday Voters in Indiana turned out to toss out Dick Lugar R-IN, who is tied as the longest currently serving GOP Senator in the US, (With Orrin Hatch of UT). Lugar lost by about 20 points in the open primary. The Club For Growth and other TP and RINO slaying groups..were out for another scalp.  The got rid of Lincoln Chafee, Arlen Spector, Sen Bob Bennett, Olympia Snowe took herself out this year, and several other pelts over the last 10 years.  (Orrin Hatch is also in their sites this year).

The second TP win yesterday was 2 fold..First of all most people didn't need to get out in Wisconsin for Scott Walker but 640 thousand did anyway.. another 5-30 thousand Republicans are thought to have voted in the Dem Primary to skew those results, mostly in Katie Falks favor.

Also in Wisconsin..the MILLION recall signers failed to show up and vote in the Dem primary seems like the really motivated folks were about 650 thousand. Makes you wonder how many more multiple signatures that Recall the Vote missed.

3rd victory was in NC where another ban on gay marriage was proposed..even though the TEA Party isn't focused on social issues, they still tend to represent traditional families and those values. They were surely out in force where the measure lost 61-39..even losing in Democratic strongholds in NC.   This bodes badly for Obama's plans to win NC twice in a row..  The DNC is hosting it's convention in NC this August and it lookes like it might backfire.  In the Democratic Pres primary yesterday Obama won 80% of the vote..but 20% of the DEMOCRACTIC voters, voted "No Preference" in yesterdays primary.

The TEA Party is alive and well..we're just not out doing rallies..we are actively in the game, working the polls, talking to our friends, and most importantly we are voting like never before!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Obama 253 EV-> Romney 170.. it's not as bad, (or good) as it looks..

The road to 270 EV's is still 6 months away. One team or the other will get over confident when they see one side or the other closing in on the 270.  Most pundits, including me, think we are still a Bush-Gore/ Bush Kerry map of the country. If either of those races were held today with the same map 246-253 would be the total that either Gore or Kerry would have taken home.  There has been some "purpling' of some of the traditional Red and Blue states.  As we look today at the RCP  EV Map we can see that 253 is the number Obama has already reached.  9 States remain "undecided". (First of all there will tightening in these and other states over the next 6 months, but lets just look at it today).   2 States in the "und" column are Iowa and NH, Bush one each of these states once and lost each on once. Even if we grant them both to Obama it's only 263. Yes it is close.  But keep in mind both IA and NH have moved dramatically to the GOP/ TEA P over the past 7 years. the next 7 states in the "Und" column are NC, VA, OH, FL, CO, AZ, MO.   Of these NC, MO, and AZ are not going to be Blue states this time assuming its a close race. FL and VA are slightly favored at the moment by Romney in polls that mostly "Reg'd Voters" vs. Likely Voters.  I have learned over the years "likely" always is more accurate and is usually 3% more tilted towards the GOP. Also FL, VA, are both controlled by the GOP, and there is likely a very close Senate race in each. Sen Nelson is trailing Connie Mack in FL, and Allen and Kaine are neck and neck in VA.  NC has a Dem Gov. Bev Perdue who has decided she can not win re-election and thus the open Gov spot is leaning to the GOP, which bodes well for the GOP.

 All in that leaves us to look at Ohio for the decision. John Kasich and the GOP control all the seats of State Gov. the GOP is gathering strength in the Congressional delegation as Dennis Kucinich is gone from power. the Ohio Sentate is split Sen Rob Portman is being suggested as a VEEP candidate to run with Romney and Sen. Sherrod Brown is a freshman lefty who has a decent challenger this year in Josh Mandel.   Recent polling has Brown 44/ Mandel 41.. an incumbent below 50% at this time in a race is in SERIOUS trouble.  While the Ohio voters did smack back at Kasich's big changes a few months back..they are beginning to see the lay-offs were a worse choice, and I suspect some remorse for that retaliatory vote. So if it comes down to OHIO, which it looks like it will, (if the vote was today), Romney would win Ohio even though the polling of Reg'd Voter is slightly tilted toward Obama by a point or 2. (Reg'd voter +2 Obama= Likely voter Romney +1)

I also made the argument a few days ago on how the Upper Mid-west is very much in play. See Here

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is the TEA Party over; Or is it Taking OVER?

Many fellow TEA Partiers were not excited that Mitt Romney was gonna be the GOP candidate for President. They spent the past 3 1/2 years in denial and swinging their support from Sarah Palin, to Herman Cain, Rick Perry and even Rick Santorum and Newt had their turns as the favorite..but it was always gonna be Mitt..and I have been making the case for the entire time.  Now some folks believe the base won't turn out because Mitt's a RINO... I say BS!

The TEA Party had a chance to beat Mitt..but it would've needed to be done in 2011, but the TEA Party sat on it's $$ and energy last year for the most part and lost it's head of steam for over a year.   Now I understand the logic..and I do not think the TEA Party is over, quite to the contrary, I think the TP is already having an impact on the Fall 2012 elections..they just missed the Presidential race...but their actually better off because of it.   Mitt Romney was the best candidate to attract "Moderate" and "Indy" voters of anyone in the primary.  Because he'll be the non-threatening standard bearer the GOP and the TP will be able to make inroads they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Next week the first scalp in the GOP/ RINO camp will be won in Indiana where Dick Lugar is going to lose the GOP primary to Richard Mourdock.  The Club For Growth, the TP base and other conservative forces have told Lugar to start packing.  Mourdock should have a pretty easy job of holding the seat for the GOP.  In Utah last week failed to grant Orrin Hatch a free ride in the primary, by just a few Hatch will be challenged from the "Right".  and could be upset and thus the second scalp.

Looking closer at Wisconsin..where Tommy Thompson the favorite should have an easy walk to victory..but his Old School "Conservatism", seems to have grown tired. Tommy's inability to hear and his age has begun to show.   Eric Hovde is vying against Mark Neumann for the TEA Party platform...Tommy could win if these 2 factions remain split.  Neumann has the better credentials, and better name recognition than Hovde..but Hovde is spending big bucks to get his name & message out there.  Next weeks GOP state party convention is expecting 2000 delegates to attend..many of these are the TP forces.  There are false charges the "Establishment" is trying to block credentials to protect Tommy Thompson.  I would warn the establishment against that idea, and suggest those spreading false info relating to this to stop!

The Senate races across the country are still very much in play at least 8 seats are within reach, and the mobilized, educated, and now armed with smarter phones, technology, and energy untapped by Barack Obama's failures..could see a sweep of these races.  I would also suggest Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, and Michigan's Debbie Stabenow should be watching their backs.  Pete Hoekstra is a long time Congressman with great credentials..if he can get the Wolverine State's TP on his side he can win, same thing applies to Ohio's Josh Mandel.

Last week I wrote about the changes in the Upper mid-west. Those changes began 20 years ago with Gov Tommy Thompson and Gov John Engler.  The country is now 29R-19D-2I.  (And Puerto Rico even has a GOP Gov!).  There are 11 Gov races in November and the GOP looks like it will pick up 2 more seats and 2 others are toss-ups and both of those are currently held by Dems.

The real measure of the TEA Party to determine if they are a flash in the pan of history, or if they have become the backbone of the GOP/ Conservative Party.  The first real test will be next Tuesday May 8th in Indiana..followed on June 5th when Scott Walker wins his recall election.  Those 2 races will set the tone for the rest of the year.   So if you support the TEA Party right now is the time to put your money, energy, and time behind the TEA Party candidates across the country.  We have the chance to set back the Liberal/ Progressive agenda for another generation...and the fight starts NOW!!!!