Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Rick Santorum can WIN today.

Today is the day Rick Santorum can pivot the race and actually win.....his Senate seat back.  Rick can not win the Presidency but he will probably win the Louisiana primary today.  Tonight in his acceptance speech he should gracefully accept the support of the folks in LA. Congratulate Romney on his second place finish..but then proceed to also congratulate Romney on his victory in the primary race as he is only a few delegates shy of 50% needed to win.  

Suspend the Santorum Presidential campaign, and announce that he will be declaring his intentions to run for the US Senate seat in Pennsylvania against Sen Bill Casey who beat him 6 years ago.  He can champion his Conservative credentials, apologize for endorsing Arlen Spector and run full speed ahead.  He would likely be the front-runner in a very crowded field.  Of course he'll have to re-instate his residence in Pennsylvania, he can be closer to young Bella and the children can spend less time travelling.

If Santorum retakes this seat for the GOP, Romney wins, the GOP wins, the Conservatives and the TEA Party are all winners.  Even if he loses the seat he'd be primed for a cabinet post in the Romney Administration should he defeat Obama as expected.  If not then Rick Santorum will have the mantle of the "Next Guy in line" for 2016 along with whomever the VP candidate might be.  Rubio, Ryan, Cantor, Kasich, Walker, all come to mind.

So Rick I really hope you heed my advice today.  If Michelle Bachmann had taken the same challenge the day she won the "Ames Straw Poll", she would be leading Sen Amy Klobuchar right now!

Newt I have no plan for you..but the sooner this Primary season ends the better off the GOP and TEA Party will be. BTW remember 2 weeks ago when everyone thought Newts voters would automatically switch to Santorum? In Illinois they all switched to ROMNEY!  Romney will probably beat Newt in Louisiana today as well.

Romeny is going to win the Wisconsin, Maryland and Wash D.C. in ten days.  Santorum probably can't even stop Mitt from getting the magic number now. the only States that Santorum still can win are Texas and Pensylvania, and MAYBE North Carolina.