Monday, February 6, 2012

WASP's have been swatted from power in America.

When I was born JFK was President and there had been much controversy about Catholics taking orders from the Pope etc. This week Cardinal Designate Timothy M. Dolan is wrestling with the Obama Administration HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebilius, (a Cathoilc) over being forced to offer birth control and abortion as well as other services to their employees be included in their insurance plans.  This is a direct attack on the Church and it's teachings!  What happened to the First Amendment right of "freedom of Religion".  This is the Church/ State argument in reverse. TMR TM Dolan will win this battle on it's merits, and the Obama folks will have to cave.  Catholics since 1960 have been drifting back to the center, In fact Barack Obama won the Catholic vote 54-46 over McCain. (slightly better than Kerry or Gore).  The longer trend is very close to the center right now.  Team Obama can't risk losing 2 or 3% without seeing several states in the Electoral vote slip away from his grip.  Florida, OH, PA, NJ, IN, MI and even WI could fall off his list.

This topic got me to wondering today when Nancy Pelosi (a Catholic), inserted herself in the fray in opposition to TMR Timothy Dolan. I decided to see just how many non-Protestant's are in control of our Govt. You might be surprised:

Barack Obama           President                                                                    Congregationalist/ Protestant
Joe Biden                   VP                                                                             Catholic (1st ever Cath VP).
John Boehner              Speaker of the House                                                Catholic
Eric Cantor                 House Majority Ldr.                                                  Jewish
Nancy Pelosi              House Minority Ldr  (and former speaker)                  Catholic
Harry Reid                 Senate Majority LDR                                                 Morman
Mitch McConnell       Senate Minority LDR                                                  Baptist/ Protestant
Supreme Ct Justices   Ginsberg, Kagan, Breyer                                             Jewish
Supreme Ct justices   Thomas, Scalia, Sotomeyer, Roberts, Kennedy, Alito   Catholics
Kathleen Sebilius       HHS Secretary                                                             Catholic
Several other Cabinet members.

6 or 7  of the US Senators are Morman. (Mormans are only 2% of the overall population in the US, yet are 6.5% of the Senate)
10 are Jewish (Jews are only 1.5% of the US Pop. and yet represent 10% of the Senate!)
I didn't even try to count the Catholics!

Looks like the WASP's and the rest of us are getting along pretty well despite our "religious" differences.  I think we'll be fine with a Morman in 2012.

UPDATE:   Aaron Blake discusses the possible VP nominee choices 4 of the top 5 are Catholics: and several others:  THE FIX

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