Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Sarah, Don't Screw This Up!

I like Sarah Palin, I met her and I'm featured in the picture at the top of this blog standing behind her. I believe Sarah Palin energized the GOP base in the 2008 election, and if McCain hadn't screwed himself by suspending his own campaign he probably would've won.  The new movie coming out called Game Changer will be a hatchet job again on Sarah Palin, and try to set her up as the reason for the McCain failure.

  I write today about the 2012 election.  I have said for years Sarah could be the King-Maker if she did things right.  In 2010 Sarah jumped in the primaries for some governor and Senatorial campaigns most of them she landed on the right side.  3 glaring exceptions where Sarah's influence actually cost the TEA Party/ and the GOP movement seats: Notably Colorado both the Gov. and Senate races; Delaware with her endorsement of Christine O'Donnell; and most importantly Sharon Angle in Nevada..where we could've knocked off the Senate leader! The money we spent on trying to get those 2 seats could've been better spent to win in California or other states that were close.  I believe Sarah is doing the same thing this year with the Presidential Primary process..from her flirting with running for over a her now clear desire for Newt Gingrich..who has absolutely no chance of beating Obama.  She seems to be secondly getting on the Santorum bandwagon now..but even in her interviews she is making all sorts of lame excuses why the race needs to continue. She is disingenuous at best.  She simply seems to be resistant to Mitt.  Sarah is poisoning the well for herself and the rest of us who need to WIN..we can't afford to "Place" or "Show"...we must win in November! 

Sarah use your clout while you still have it and get behind the one guy that win in November.  Maybe you'll get a Cabinet position if you want it..then you can build your credentials for future runs for yourself. I can't help thinking you want the GOP to lose this time so you can run in 2016; knowing if Mitt wins he and his subsequent VP could put you out to pasture fore 12-16 years. The fact is the "Movement" is bigger than you Sarah..and you are important..but you are not the leader!  I fear your wasting your potential trying to walk a line where you look disingenuous and petty.  

                                  A TEA Party Conservative

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