Sunday, February 26, 2012

Veterans ID Farce; and the First Amendment

Today's J Times Editorial page had two Letters written by a Linda  Found: Here.

The very first blogger response was as follows:

"2laneblacktop said on: February 26, 2012, 6:52 pm
Please keep you religious views to yourself or share them with the people where ever at you practice what you call your faith. Not everybody believes in your stories. You wouldn't like it if all the Muslims or Buddhist or atheists posted letters telling you what you should believe in."

I was appalled at the response of 2 Lane''s comments: so here a=is my response to 2 Lane.  Followed by my Response to Linda Baker's comments regarding the Veteran and his Voter ID

Hey "2lane" how about a little "Tolerance" for Ms. Peterson's First Amendment rights:
Free Speech, Freedom of the press, and Freedom of religion. Or is that not on your "Co-Exist" bumper sticker?  Not everyone  doesn't believe that baby humans ARE humans at the moment of conception.  If they are not Humans, at the very moment..then what are they exactly? Just another inconvenient Bump in your "Black TOP"? When it comes to protecting human life against all nature of evil..I would side with 2Lane are likely to find the rest of us easily disposal if we are an "inconvenience" to your "life".

As for the other Linda, Ms.Barker...Thanks for allowing yourself to be used as a TOOL in the Voter ID issue. Did you have this letter to the editor written ahead of time, before election day? Were you part of the STAGED show, that was fed to every newspaper and media outlet in the State? The facts are quite clear Veterans ID cards have a specific purpose..and it is NOT for Voter ID proof, it has no address on the card it's a benefits card that the Veteran earned and mis- apply the great value of that card for POLITICAL purposes is a great disrespect to those who earned it, and those who give it as an honor to those who have served.  Gil the "Veteran" had a Photo Drivers License in his wallet..he chose NOT to present it!   He CHOSE not vote!!   Pro-Choice right gang?.All to make the silly point the "Vote Cheaters" wish to support and object to ID requirements, I am sure we shall see some liberal lawyer use this action to sue the State of Wisconsin.  Voter ID laws had been passed several times by the GOP in the Assembly and Senate, but Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle veto'd them repeatedly..because Jimmy D., the Unions, and the Dem's know that Wisconsin's electoral shift is so close..They know that without cheating the Dems might never regain control of Wisconsin's State Govt.  The fact is they will some day re-take control..but the Dem Party that retakes that control will be nothing like the extreme left Unionista owned and operated Thug-ocracy that has been in control of Wisc. Dem Party for decades!

CRG is proud that Gov Walker, Sen Wanggaard and Robin Vos supported this voter ID bill.  Assm. Turner, Barca, Mason and Sen Bob Wirch all voted against verification of the voter at the polls.  What could possibly be the reason to WANT a sloppy, unverifiable system? C'mon the answer is so easy even Team Donkey can figure it out!  See you almost every Tuesday this year with my Wisconsin DL/ Voter ID card in hand!

Voting integrity is worthy of ALL of our support! Cheating with recalls; tantrums over Veterans ID card for staged media hype belittle the value of voting to us All!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Sarah, Don't Screw This Up!

I like Sarah Palin, I met her and I'm featured in the picture at the top of this blog standing behind her. I believe Sarah Palin energized the GOP base in the 2008 election, and if McCain hadn't screwed himself by suspending his own campaign he probably would've won.  The new movie coming out called Game Changer will be a hatchet job again on Sarah Palin, and try to set her up as the reason for the McCain failure.

  I write today about the 2012 election.  I have said for years Sarah could be the King-Maker if she did things right.  In 2010 Sarah jumped in the primaries for some governor and Senatorial campaigns most of them she landed on the right side.  3 glaring exceptions where Sarah's influence actually cost the TEA Party/ and the GOP movement seats: Notably Colorado both the Gov. and Senate races; Delaware with her endorsement of Christine O'Donnell; and most importantly Sharon Angle in Nevada..where we could've knocked off the Senate leader! The money we spent on trying to get those 2 seats could've been better spent to win in California or other states that were close.  I believe Sarah is doing the same thing this year with the Presidential Primary process..from her flirting with running for over a her now clear desire for Newt Gingrich..who has absolutely no chance of beating Obama.  She seems to be secondly getting on the Santorum bandwagon now..but even in her interviews she is making all sorts of lame excuses why the race needs to continue. She is disingenuous at best.  She simply seems to be resistant to Mitt.  Sarah is poisoning the well for herself and the rest of us who need to WIN..we can't afford to "Place" or "Show"...we must win in November! 

Sarah use your clout while you still have it and get behind the one guy that win in November.  Maybe you'll get a Cabinet position if you want it..then you can build your credentials for future runs for yourself. I can't help thinking you want the GOP to lose this time so you can run in 2016; knowing if Mitt wins he and his subsequent VP could put you out to pasture fore 12-16 years. The fact is the "Movement" is bigger than you Sarah..and you are important..but you are not the leader!  I fear your wasting your potential trying to walk a line where you look disingenuous and petty.  

                                  A TEA Party Conservative

Monday, February 6, 2012

WASP's have been swatted from power in America.

When I was born JFK was President and there had been much controversy about Catholics taking orders from the Pope etc. This week Cardinal Designate Timothy M. Dolan is wrestling with the Obama Administration HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebilius, (a Cathoilc) over being forced to offer birth control and abortion as well as other services to their employees be included in their insurance plans.  This is a direct attack on the Church and it's teachings!  What happened to the First Amendment right of "freedom of Religion".  This is the Church/ State argument in reverse. TMR TM Dolan will win this battle on it's merits, and the Obama folks will have to cave.  Catholics since 1960 have been drifting back to the center, In fact Barack Obama won the Catholic vote 54-46 over McCain. (slightly better than Kerry or Gore).  The longer trend is very close to the center right now.  Team Obama can't risk losing 2 or 3% without seeing several states in the Electoral vote slip away from his grip.  Florida, OH, PA, NJ, IN, MI and even WI could fall off his list.

This topic got me to wondering today when Nancy Pelosi (a Catholic), inserted herself in the fray in opposition to TMR Timothy Dolan. I decided to see just how many non-Protestant's are in control of our Govt. You might be surprised:

Barack Obama           President                                                                    Congregationalist/ Protestant
Joe Biden                   VP                                                                             Catholic (1st ever Cath VP).
John Boehner              Speaker of the House                                                Catholic
Eric Cantor                 House Majority Ldr.                                                  Jewish
Nancy Pelosi              House Minority Ldr  (and former speaker)                  Catholic
Harry Reid                 Senate Majority LDR                                                 Morman
Mitch McConnell       Senate Minority LDR                                                  Baptist/ Protestant
Supreme Ct Justices   Ginsberg, Kagan, Breyer                                             Jewish
Supreme Ct justices   Thomas, Scalia, Sotomeyer, Roberts, Kennedy, Alito   Catholics
Kathleen Sebilius       HHS Secretary                                                             Catholic
Several other Cabinet members.

6 or 7  of the US Senators are Morman. (Mormans are only 2% of the overall population in the US, yet are 6.5% of the Senate)
10 are Jewish (Jews are only 1.5% of the US Pop. and yet represent 10% of the Senate!)
I didn't even try to count the Catholics!

Looks like the WASP's and the rest of us are getting along pretty well despite our "religious" differences.  I think we'll be fine with a Morman in 2012.

UPDATE:   Aaron Blake discusses the possible VP nominee choices 4 of the top 5 are Catholics: and several others:  THE FIX

Wednesday, February 1, 2012