Sunday, October 16, 2011

Citizen CAIN on MTP

Herman Cain this morning was on MTP with David Gregory. Cain handled himself very well and very confidently.  Gregory badgered him over the 9-9-9 plan and he held his own..Gregory was intentionally, (I think), trying to mix the State tax with SALES tax!  I found this interesting because this is the tactic that will be used by his GOP rivals, and the Dem's in the campaign, should he win the nomination.
Wisconsin we have a 5-5.1% SALES tax..and if Cain was to prevail that number would rise to 14-14.1% as the consumer sees it.  Even though the STATE portion will not change..the Fed portion will be 9%.  It will be a challenge to sell that in Wisc. or Ill where the Sales tax is already 12% in some areas. Michigan is 6 and would raise to 15%.   While what is being ignored is the reduction in the INCOME tax that is already built into the cost of product.

My only other observation of Cain was when asked whether he was a "Neo-Conservative"..I knew he was asking about Iraq/ Afghanistan.  He responded correctly that he is a "Conservative" missing the implication Gregory was making to try to tie his Foreign policy to Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and others.  Gregory is clearly trying to under cut Cain..but that is no surprise.  Gregory's lefty bias is so blatant..Tim Russert would not be proud. For Cain to fend off Gregory without looking foolish is a success by any measure! NeoConservative comment

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