Saturday, September 17, 2011

Minister of Chaos...Miles Kirstan the face of the Unionistas.

Miles Kirstan makes the news again.  This time for pouring beer on the head of Rep. Robin Vos.  Unfortunately Miles didn't dump this beer the Sunday or Monday before the first round of recalls.  Imagine the effect his boorish behavior would've had on those swing voters in the recalls.  Mr. Miles is notorious for his bad behavior.  His Mommy and Step-dad are Govt. Union UW Parkside employees who love urging Miles to do the dirty work for those "Professors" who are too good for such behavior.  Even Root River Siren has been willing to throw Miles under the bus.  Here's another example of Washington State Longshoreman demonstrating the thuggish behavior the Unionista's are notorious for.  Jimmy Hoffa Sr. and Jr. Richard Trumpka, CJ Terrell, Seg-Way boy, and of course Racine's own version of Bill Ayers..Miles Kirstan.  Longshoreman Thugs.  CJ Terrell and Miles Kristan showing how tolerant they are...

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