Friday, August 12, 2011

Winners and Losers @ Ames Debate

Ames, Iowa;  Last nights debate was entertaining for geeks like me and also to casual viewers who caught highlights on other media.  Each candidate appeared prepared for a wide range of questions and most answered readily without notes.

Tim Pawlenty Loser, Sorry T really needed his one. The Fox team wanted drama and you were the target, so they made u go after Bachmann and Romney to give u a chance to take out either one of them.  While you tried to keep it nice..they both came out on top of the exchanges.  You looked nervous and frustrated, like you knew you were swinging and missing. It's time to consider a run for US Senate against Amy Klobuchar...Good Luck!  (See comments below under Michelle Bachmann).

Rick Santorum, Loser (sort of).  While I want to like both Tim and Rick they needed to raise their profile and Rick was combative..his side position was a disadvantage to him and while his discussions with Ron Paul were worthy of credit..but he's just not gonna break thru.. I suggest Rick you should also go back and run for Senate in PA..The GOP will probably win this time and you will get your seat back from Casey.

Ron Paul, Winner.  Paul remained calm during the discussions and firm to his very Libertarian non interventionists stances.  He loses there amoung the right..and Rick Santorum gave him a well deserved task taking on the Iranian issue and won the crowd.  But again RP held his own and looked competent.  Still has ZERO chance to win the Nomination and even less chance of the General..but I think he'll be the last man standing besides the winner.  I will confess the stuff he said 3 years ago on the economy is coming true because of the irresponsibility of Prez. O's spending. 

John Huntsman, Loser.  His first kick at the cat..and Huntsman looked timid and very nervous..but his policies and positions on Social issues and his reason for serving under Obama  were not well received, and I think his campaign ends soon.  I think he could be a solid cabinet member in a Romney or Perry administration though.

Michelle Bachmann, Winner.  She once again came out looking good and swinging for the bleachers, and she was great in her exchanges with T Paw.  She kept her cool.  When she rec'd the absurd question about submitting to her husband..she let the crowd boo the question took a deep breath and then  handled the question deftly.  It was even better than her response to Chris Wallace's question a few weeks ago about whether she was a "Flake".  Michelle I have an idea for you.  You will probably win the Straw poll tomorrow, as Rick Perry gets in the race;  You should refocus your campaign as a Senator against Amy Klobuchar..your exiting at the top of your game would be an ideal launching point for the Senate.  Simply use the reason that your views will well represented by Romney or Perry and you can best serve the people of Minnesota as the next Senator! You have the money, and the name recognition now to carry this off!

Newt Gingrich, Winner.  Newt came out swinging at the MEDIA!! Nicely done considering he was paid by Fox News for the past 8-10 years.  He also brought up some great points about Dodd Frank and other things that are making a mess of the country.  He held his own..but he still can't win the race.

Herman Cain, Winner.   HC showed his wit and charm and his crowd pleasing abilities.  His difference between the rest of the crowd as a businessman.  He showed the class of someone who is learning as he goes, and that jumping into decision or wars etc. without all the facts is dangerous.  Nice job Herman!  I don't think it gets you over the hump like your first surprise performance..but I'm watching.

Mitt Romney, Winner..Once again Mitt was calm, cool and collected, with a genuine competence that is tough to miss by the average observer. The Hard right TEA Party folks still want to hate him..but since they are so divided amoung Bachmann, T. Paw, Paul and Cain and waiting on Perry.  Romney is just holding his positions for now and letting the rest duke it out.  He handled the RomneyCare issue well again. and made it clear he'll kill it when he has the chance.

Overall I'd call the Debate as follows:
Romney 1st
Bachmann 2nd
Gingrich 3rd
Paul or Cain 4th.

This debate will have no serious effect on the Straw poll, T. Paw wasn't gonna do very well anyway. 

Loser: Sarah Palin for her classless visit of her Bus trip to Ames.  Sarah either get in the race or get the hell out of the way!!  Your squandering your King Making status.
Loser: Rick perry for trying to stomp on the Ames Straw Poll by announcing the same day.  Not a huge faux pas but still a bit tacky. 

Tomorrow's Blog will be my predictions for the Straw Poll results.

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