Thursday, August 25, 2011

Virginia is for "RED" Lovers UPDATE 9/6

Virginia is coming home.  The Dems had been thrilled from they felt they had finally grabbed back a southern state from the "right". Former GOP Sec of the Navy, James Webb switched parties and ran against George Allen and in a very tight race won the Senate Seat, taking control of the US Senate,.and knocking Sen. George Allen out of contention for the 2008 Presidential sweepstakes, .  The demographics in northern VA have been drifting to the "left" as more DC suburbanites fill in those northern areas.  But the REST of the Old Dominion, hasn't changed..and the trend is swinging back the "right" way.  Yesterdays primaries in VA show the GOP candidates have a very strong chance of retaking the State Senate.  They already re-captured the Gov's office in 2009, (the beginning of the anti-Obama shift, and the first round of TEA Party successes). The GOP controls the House of Delegates and are behind in the Senate   22-18.  The GOP has 16 uncontested races, and the Dems face a challenger in 16 of their races. A switch of 3 seats gives the GOP control at 21.

Former Sen and Gov. George Allen is in a 2012 race against Dem Rock star and also former Gov. Tim Kaine, that race is close so far.  but surely the 2011 possible change could make things look bad for Kaine and Obama in 2012 who won the usually "red" state in 2008.  Obama;s amp to electoral victory without those usually "Red" states like VA, OH, FL,IN, CO and Nevada which he won in 2008 will cost him re-election.  In 2008 he also managed to hang onto IA, NM and NH which had flipped back and forth in 2000 and 04.  George Allen should be able to re-take his Senate seat, in 2012.  VA will be much like WI and OH and even MI which have changed over their state govt's. to the GOP and the TEA Party is strong in those areas..Obama is in serious trouble if he can't hang on to those States.

Keep your eye on VA this November as a precursor of what Nov 2012 will look like.
Interesting article that came out 3 days ago: Obama in trouble in Virginia!

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