Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Round 1 leaves Sen's. Holperin & Wirch in a lurch!

Perhaps it's ironic, that the GAB put the Dem's and Repub's races in 2 different weeks.   The Dem's yesterday FAILED to achieve the 3 seats neede to take back the Senate, and many of the Dem/ Union operators have begun to leave the state.  I assume they'll be taking their checkbooks with them.  That is BAD NEWS for Wirch and Holperin.  The energy is out of the sails of Unionista's and the original argument of recalling State Senators who failed to show up for work returns to the fore-front.  If Stietz and Simac can get that message out..and the GOP and TEA PArty voters GOTV they will take back 2 seats and the entire argument will have been for naught!  Help if you can, ($$ or effort).  If "Our" side keeps the energy high we can win them both!  A week or 2 ago I was told the Stietz race was listed as #8 of 8..if all the races had been held the same week this race would've been written off.  Now it can be the lynchpin in holding the Conservative majority!  What reason do the Dem/ unionista's have to fight this race anymore?

Afterthought.  The newly drawn districts for State Senate will make the 2 seats the GOP lost much easier to take back in a rematch.

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