Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Party ID is is shifting..and It might not be a blip!

Since 2004 Rasmussen Reports has been tracking Party affiliation.  Most of the past 50 years the Dem's have had the lead in affiliation across the country, since this tracking began it has been consistently D over R.  Occasionally the R's get close but then the D's pull away.In 2008 and 2009 the D's were around 40% and the R's were around 32% behind by as much 8.5% at on point.  From Jan 2004 thru Nov 2010 the D's were ahead every single month..but something happened in November 2010.  The success of the TEA Party and it's connection with the Republican's was seen as good place for 36% of the people to self identify with!  In December it moved to 37% and was a 3.3% advantage over the D's. All in the 7 months since the first time the R's overtook the D's 6 months the R's have held that lead.  As of May 35.6% over 34%.   This trend seems to be gaining a foothold and perhaps the R's have finally gotten back to their Conservative roots and the electorate is ready to see those policies applied to control spending and the Dems have been shown for their Big govt. ideology.

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