Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is Bob Wirch having trouble with his base??

In Kenosha the Wirch campaign is focusing on Pro-Life and Pro-Choice issues??  Why would they do that?  They are avoiding issues and just focusing on Jonathan Steitz' "Corporate Lawyer" status.  This is interesting considering those are issues you run to when your trying to mobilize your BASE! With 6 days left Wirch's folks can't even get the Base mobilized?    After yesterdays failure to capture the Flag of 3 Seats in the State Senate..and the Meltdown from Zelinski and could be they see this seat slipping away.   Polling from Monday (Before the vote), shows this race is Tightening fast.. Low single digits!!!  Last week it was 10 points..Steitz is closing fast and thousands of new dollars cascaded into the campaign office since last night!  JS has the momentum..and Wirch's folks are worried.   With only 2 races'll be a rocking week!

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