Monday, August 15, 2011

Ames leaves 3 tickets to the White House.

Even though Rick Perry didn't show up for the debate or the Straw Poll he gets a ticket to ride.  He comes in as the second place in the latest polls, even before he gets in.  Romney is still the front-runner, and the third ticket goes to....Michelle Bachmann. 

Michelle should get out RIGHT NOW and go run for Senator of Minnesota..because she has hit her zenith in the Presidential sweepstakes.  I do think a woman can win the Presidency but not her, not yet.  She handled herself with grace and class on the Sunday shows after the Straw Poll.

I have long predicted Mitt Romney would be the winner of the Primary races...but even back in February I had  stated it depended upon Perry's decision.  So now that he's in this race..What do I think??   Well I still think it's too early to tell.  I want to see how he does in a few TV interviews, and the next debate is in September..Also the press has been doing some digging and I've heard a few stories that could be trouble..but I'm waiting to see which are substantiated and which are just lies and rumors.   Team Obama has no serious resume to run they will spend 3/4 of a Billion dollars to trash, dig-up, smear and tear apart the GOP candidate. So it's in our best interest to thoroughly vet Gov. Perry.   He's been in public office for 23 he has a history of votes, and projects, and people he was connected with.

Here's how I see it at this point from now until January if Bachmann stays in the race:    Bachmann and Perry will duke it out for the TEA Party and Ron Paul will holding on to his slice of the TP at the same time..and Ron Paul isn't gonna fold his tent. Thus in a sort of 3 way race for half of the GOP voters, a back and forth action will occur with one of them winning Iowa Caucus...But Romney will have the other half of the voters of the the mean time he can stay out of the fracas as they duke it out.  He wins NH, NV, and MI...Bachmann and Perry split Iowa and SC..and the showdown is in Florida where Perry breaks out over Bachmann in either 1st or 2nd place, and Romney takes the opposite, Bachmann 3rd and she'll drop out..  Then it's a shoot out with Mitt Romney who by then will have 3 wins and 2 seconds going into Super Tuesday...I think Romney wins most of them and the race is over..with Ron Paul grabbing 10% in any of the rest of the races. 

I can't help but add...If Michelle leaves right away Cain will fill her shoes in the above scenario..except that he won't beat Perry..  the smart money is still on Romney..because even though the TEA Party/ conservative have a lot of power this primary will engage most of the GOP voters..and half of the votes are in BLUE States...where Romney is neither a "Crazed" Bachmann or another "Texas Cowboy" as in Bush....rather Perry!   The folks in the middle are not afraid of Romney and will feel very comfortable putting him in the Oval Office.  He will drag along with him very long coat-tails in the Senate and Congress and down ballot offices.  Perry can win..but Romney will give us a landslide!   PA, CT,WI, MI, NJ, NM, NH, IO, WA, and maybe even Oregon and New York State!

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