Friday, June 17, 2011

June Updates on February predictions:

  JUNE UPDATE:   Palin still being discussed, But I don't expect her to get in;  Huntsman to jump in this week. and Rick Perry is getting more serious talk, (I still think 50/50% at best).  Fox Debate was "won" by Herman Cain..and his poll numbers ticked up.  The New Hampshire debate added Romney and Michelle Bachmann and they both won the debate with Romney on top. The polls this week came out and have Romney breaking 30% and as high as 33%.  The NH Poll came out with GOP/ IND. Voters who are "Likely" and over 50% had watched the NH Debate.  Romney was 42% and led by over 32% over the nearest competitors: Ron Paul and Bachmann were tied with 10%.    National polling gives Ron Paul has been stuck around 7-8% for years. Cain and Bachmann are both polling around 10-12%.  Palin and Giulianni have been grabbing 14-16% but neither are likely to run. T. Paw can't get over 5%; Gingrich is still 8-9% despite his campaign staff all resigning last week.  Finally Johnson and Huntsman are both stuck around 1-2%.


  1. Um you might want to view Sarah's documentary, you are in it. Clips from Madison Tax Day teaparty is in it and so are you!

  2. Thanks PJ I have heard that! But I haven't seen it yet.