Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Doesn't Europe hate Cowboy Style Presidents?

       The Noble Peace Prize winning current "Cowboy" President has succeeded in capturing and killing Usama Bin Laden..and for that we can all be grateful.
       I think it is important to change the characters though just a bit.  (Suppose the Prez was Bush; the attack was made on sovereign territory without the permission of the host country; the assault made attacking and killing an unarmed man in his bedroom.  Would the press have treated the previous "Cowboy President" the same way?  Would the press have rolled over an accepted the dumping of the body in the Arab sea within a few hours, but assuring the people of 99.9% accuracy they had killed the right guy.  (When we bombed and killed Al Zarqawi in Iraq we didn't dump and bury the body within 24 hours, we made a  verification of 100% accuracy that it was the right guy.) ABC news report .  Release the videos ASAP Mr. Prez.  Make no mistake I support what was done by our Special Forces under the guidance of Prez. just that it goes against everything we have heard from the left for 10 years. From water-boarding to acting unilateral actions and invasion of foriegn lands without congressional approval.  Which is it?
       Does anyone know the address in Oslo, Norway to return the Peace Prize?  

UPDATE:  Now the President has decided NOT to release the Pictures of Bin Laden.  Is trying to create another birth certificate Rope-a-dope?  C'mon Mr Pres.  your so transparent we can see the BS inside of you!

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