Friday, April 22, 2011

Charles Krauthammer's take on the 2012 Prez prospects.

Sir Charles agrees with me:  See my commentary from February 12 2011  The only difference since my writing then is Donald Trump is being thrown around as a possible name.  Krauthammer gives odds of 5-1 for both Romney and Pawlenty, but otherwise we are on the same page.  I would add Pawlenty will do well in Iowa unless Michelle Bachman which case they could cancel each other out and Romney could place first in Iowa.  New Hamp will go for Romney and so will Nevada and Florida.  South Carolina (After NH and before Nev), could go to Haley Barbour, or Herman Cain..maybe Michelle Bachman, but in any case Romney should hold at least second place there.  So Florida will determine the candidate in all likelihood.  Mitt will be the most viable remaining at that time.  Ask yourself how well Trump is gonna do in Iowa or New Hampshire, or SC, or Nevada.  If after 4 races you have no "First places" how are you going compete.  Trump could hold out for Florida like Rudy Guilainni did..but Trump is simply not appealing enough to the Conservatives that will be needed to win a primary/ Caucus.

Here's CK's article:

Update 4/26:  Looks like Haley Barbour has removed himself from the race.  Huckabee is perhaps interested, (I still think he won't).    

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mayor Dickerts Second Chance

Yesterday Mayor Dickert was sworn in for his second term and a chance to hone his vision for 4 years.  Mayor John has been a well known personality in Racine his entire adult life, and his family name is well know for over a century.  Hizhonor the Mayor and I have had been on opposite sides of several issues since his swearing in after the vanquished Mayor Becker left the scene.  Mayor John also came into office just as the TEA Party movement was building steam..and drawing more folks into the understanding that Govt. is too big and enough is enough.  The new mayor to his credit did attempt to get some spending under control and avoid a large tax increase in his first 2 budgets.  I have criticized that he still spent 2 million per year from the reserve fund, and he still increased taxes in both years.  It was for those reasons that I and others tried to find a candidate to run against the mayor and every possible Alder-person who was afraid to get spending under control.  Remember during this time the City rec'd a bit of "stimulus Money", and put off the need for stronger cuts in those first 2 budgets.  I spoke before the council and warned of the coming storm when those funds ran out.  I asked the Mayor and the Council to not renew any Union Contracts until after Walkers was sworn in and look at the new "deal" that would be available to us the tax-payers after the Spring elections would be held.  For instance today Ald. Fair, Becker, and Morganroth are bound by a bad deal signed a month ago..for their entire 2  year term.  It would've been prudent to wait until now to make those votes..and we could even postpone them a few more weeks when the Judge Sumi case is settled.    The savings potential for the tax-payers and the ability to save jobs, and not raise taxes might have been missed.   It is also reported today that our City's unemployment rate has dropped from a year ago, (We may need to explore if our workforce has grown or not).  I did want to salute Mayor John for volunteer effort to clean up the Root River Parkway...and it seems he has finally moved away from the KRM Train idea.  I also admire his idea for a great city in his "Ten Year Plan"..despite it's lack of clarity. 
Now i have been advised by some friends to watch for the John Dickert 2.0 which was launched yesterday at the swearing in.  We are to see a more diligent cost-cutter and more understanding that even the "left" tilting City of Racine is looking for more responsible govt. spending as the new rule.  I have printed my own copy of the 2011 Budget, and hope to work with the Mayor and the new Council to make Racine a better, lower taxed, more efficient city for all of us.  So Mayor John  you have 4 more years, let's make your time well spent.  Teh TEA Party is not your enemy..we are looking to see Racine the City folow the direction of the County and all of the surrounding communities. We can either leave Racine a high taxed place or make it lower taxed "Island"...Which will bring more businesses, and middle and upper income residents?  I think we all know the answer..let's build a place they will want to call home.     In case you weren't listening the Tax increase Referendum went down 60%, the people are not in favor of higher taxes..keep that in mind.

Disclaimer:  I placed a bet, (which I almost never do), the bet was a nickel and a 300 page blog of positive commentary of Mayor Dickert. I lost! (Marcus needed at least 40%).  So the above is a honest assessment of the first partial term of Mayor Dickert, to fulfill my obligation.  But I wanted to be sincere.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Friend's observations of the TEA Party Rally, Guest Blogger Wade

Just got back from a “HEATED” Tax Day Tea Party Rally in Madison!

by Wade Anderson on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 9:31pm
 As soon as I got through the Union Anti-Walker protesters and found an open spot to watch the rally, I kept hearing someone yelling “F… You” repeatedly. I looked to my left and saw some big dude in his late 40’s screaming at this high school kid that was there to support the Tea Party! Obviously I went over and shut the IDIOT up, and we quickly came to the agreement that he’d be better off protesting somewhere else! (God my blood’s boiling again just writing this!) About 20 min later one of “Chicago’s Finest” (off duty) started going off on some lady to my right for taking his picture! So I just couldn’t help myself… I decided to start taking his picture to see if he wanted to try that shit with me! He turned to me and started saying Sara Palin’s a “WHORE” repeatedly. I couldn’t believe it, there were families right behind me with kids as young as 6-7! Again… I had to have the same talk with him as I did with the last IDIOT! WE came to the conclusion that it’d be in his best interest if he went somewhere else too!

It’s obvious they were there to pick a fight with someone, at least the COP was… but I guess he didn’t like who called hi bluff! What kind of people do that? They stoop so low to do all of this right next to a bunch of kids, HELL… one of em was SCREAMING at a kid!

The thing that really got me was this… Just after the rally was breaking up, this lady walks by with her two kids who were about 4 and 6 walked past me. The FOUR year old boy says… mommy… does everyone HATE Mr. Walker??? She said… No honey… he has some supporters. At first I was impressed at how much empathy was in her voice as she said it, but then a bit disturbed that she would be exposing them to all of this at such a young age.

C’Mon people… I just gave the last HALF of my LIFE defending our country so that “EVERYONE” here has the right to protest without the threat of VOILENCE, don’t make me spend the NEXT half defending US from OURSELVES!

WAY TO GOOOOO... JACK ASS!!! I'm sure mom's proud!
“Chicago’s Finest”

Thursday, April 7, 2011