Friday, March 25, 2011

Walkers Budget repair Bill just passed into LAW moments ago!

Moments ago the Walker Bill/ Law was published...bypassing the Secretary of State's office entirely.  The Sec of State and the State Treasurers offices are very likely to be eliminated sometime in the near future.  These ceremonial offices are growing ever more useless, as we have just demonstrated.  We shall see how quickly a Judge tries to block it...perhaps tonight, or Monday..or maybe they have run out of steam?

City of Racine for sale only $1.00

I have watched and listened to the Mayoral forums for the past several week.  In each of these events the topic of NSP and other "real estate" related issues have come up repeatedly.  For instance the Walker property, the West Racine development. and the stubborn disaster which is Uptown, (aka Paducah North).   Now I am excited to hear that a new Coffee Shop/ Tapas bar is opening along with an artist studio on the South side of the 1500 Block of Washington.  How exciting for Uptown we should all be thrilled...Except that this new project which require nearly 400,000.00 to make workable has already cost the Taxpayers of our city almost 200 G's!

The Mayor in these debates has repeatedly said he is not giving away the city properties..and yet he's giving this one away fro $1.00!   Respectfully Mr. Mayor..either decide to liquidate our real estate and get the Hell out of the City real estate business, or go back to being a Realtor.     

It is time to seriously consider tearing down every building on the North side of Uptown and widening Hwy 20.  Doing so will dramatically increase the property value of every building on the south side of the district.  But the most important benefit will be to finally make the entrance corridor into our city  much more visitor friendly.  Racine's population is down nearly 17,000 from it's 1970 high, it makes sense to eliminate  some excess retail districts which will require years of demand to be viable districts.  Right now, Uptown, West Racine, Downtown, and now the State Street corridors will all be competing for the same retail "customers" and will merely strangle each of them from success.    Remove the North side of Uptown will help all of the others to have a chance at success, and at the same time dramatically improve the Uptown district and traffic flow.