Friday, February 11, 2011

Unemployment #'s are Fudged-Up in Mayor's Radio Campaign

An advertisement on WRJN touts the Mayors 5% decrease in the UE #'s.  Lets look at a Gov. site that provides #'s for our City,

Worknet   research:
May 09 #'s  15.5 %  June 09   16.0%  July  09   16.8%
Dec 10  #'s 12.8%
Best case scenario on this is 4% from the High to the Low.  
However in the same time period Labor force in 
July 09 40,537     E 33,730      UE 6807   UE Rate 16.8
Dec 10 37,867     E 33,028      UE 4839   UE Rate 12.8

The first point is obvious from May 2009 at 15.5 to the latest #'s Dec 2010  The decrease in UE was 2.7%.  If we give credit for the Highest to the lowest July 09 to Dec 10  the best the Mayor can claim is 4%.  so why advertise with 5%??  It was the same with "Balanced budget" and the Zero increase!  Why use numbers that are fake?  It makes no sense to me.

Look just a little deeper here though the ACTUAL numbers of jobs in Racine DROPPED by 702 jobs.   That's Less jobs not more!!  It is true that the UE number dropped as well by nearly 2000  but it's not because these people got jobs..they simply ran out of benefits.  Otherwise the Employed # would have INCREASED by that nearly 2000 folks.

Look at the other number in this comparison  How many people are in our workforce   We dropped nearly 2700 people in our workforce.  Did they move away? Retire? Die? Go to prison?   I think if 2700 people died or went to prison we would've read that story in the papers.   Thus I presume it's a combination of a few retirees, and a whole host people simply leaving town, or dropping out of the labor force.

To celebrate these Numbers in your Advertising without telling the real story is disingenuous at the very least. 
Racine can not afford to have 2700 people leave our city/ or our work force every 18 months.   
We must look at lower taxes, smarter spending, and a business friendly environment if we are to save our City.   Mr. Mayor use the TRUTH!


  1. Is there anything that Dickert will not exaggerate, lie, or make up?

  2. Will you be blogging about Marcus and his failure to file his campaign report both on time and accurately? If he cannot be trusted with little things how can we trust him with the big things? Looks like Al Lock is looking better and better each day.

  3. Will you be blogging about how Dickert is taking contribution kickbacks from people he has given our money to?

  4. anon 9:23 bring proof...or you give others the right to say anything about Marcus