Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lady Liberty strikes again. Obamacare is Dead?

"We have to pass this, so the American people can see what's in it."  Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare bill in 2010.

Every day the American people see more that we don't like.  28 States AG's have taken this to Court and 2 of the decisions have stated the mandatory clause is unconstitutional, and the most recent ruling said the ENTIRE 2800 page Law is unconstitutional.  This is great news for the Country.  As of now the 26 States effected by that decision can effectively Halt enactment of the Federal mandates.  

Maybe Health care is something each state can determine.  Massachusetts has something but it's not working very well.  They can undo it whenever they decide to.  The Dem's in 2009/10 decided that the deal was unraveling and had been eroded in so many ways from it's original inception.  They shoved anything thru and didn't bother to add the sever-ability clause.  Just so Obama could claim a "success". 

Thanks Judge Vinson for your brave stand.  Now the AG's of the 26 states should join J.B. VanHollen and act like this law is truly voided.  If team Obama wants to request a stay, let them try it. Otherwise  this thing is DEAD: and I think the Dems know it.

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