Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dickerts Ignores Even More Campaign Rules

CRG of Racine has alerted me to check into Mayor Dickerts campaign website http://johndickert.org/  Which has been up since at least December 1st 2010.  As of today it still is missing one particular election disclaimer:

    "Authorized and paid for by....blah blah blah". 

First Occupancy Permits for his West Racine HQ's; and now he's ignoring the State Election / GAB requirements.  Now I'm no fan of excess "restrictions", or excess Govt. regulations;  but theses are the rules.  When someone comes to Racine to open a business, we seem to invent new rules, regulations and obstacles for them as they sit before the Mayor and the council...and then once they open their business we heap ever more restrictions, and make it more difficult to succeed, in a challenging business climate. 

I suspect that sometime in the next day or so, this will be remedied.  I made a screen capture as of today.  The "Letter from John" page is also missing the disclaimer.

     H/T  CRG of Racine.

Update:  Sometime between 3:36 pm Central time and 4:00 pm the Mayor's campaign staff did  make the correction.  I have a full page print out of before my posting. It looks like it took about 3-4 hours to correct, and comply.   Good work Mr. Mayor.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mayor's Dickerts Dusty Pledge

The very night the mayor tried to convince his competitors into taking his phony "pledge". Someone from the Dickert campaign, (or a supporter), using a fake Facebook ID sent me a "Rope-a-dope" type story.  I suspected the story was an attempted plant from someone in, or close to the Dickert campaign.   It isn't the type of story I would normally get involved with.  Then a day later I rec'd a second person's confirmation of the tale..but again the FB Identification was too vague.   I was advised that the poster was going to offer the story to some other blog.   I told them I wasn't interested, but did contact a few of my fellow bloggers to use caution if they decide to take the story on.   Each of my contacts agreed to ignore the story.

The reader might ask then..why am I even referring to the story now?  As I suspected the Mayors supporters are now angry and the whispers are out.  I am offering my clarification..that I didn't believe, nor did I attempt to spread this tale..which I believe to be nothing more than an attempt by someone to expose a story, which is easily debunked to try to portray myself, or some other Marcus sympathizer, as using "Dirty" politics to get a boost in the campaign.  Mr. Mayor don't propose a Pledge..and then allow your team to undercut it.

   I believe the citizens of Racine realize that Mayor Dickert's unwillingness to propose a truly Balanced Budget, his 2 consecutive years of tax increases..his ramming thru of Recycling carts, and his idea that making the taxpayers of the City of Racine into general contractors..so he can insert the city govt. into a competitive battle with builders, investor and contractors; is too many for failures of leadership for less than 2 years of service.   Citizens are interested in smaller, responsible efficient Govt. for Racine. Eric Marcus has been the main guy to stand up to the "Old Boys Club", and make them tremble.

Mr. Mayor, Mr. Marcus, and Mr. Locke...if you want to sign a "Pledge":
CRG of Racine Pledge:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/CRG-of-Racine/120390008028726
Balance the Budget.   
No new taxes, fines or fees.
No new regulations.

Simple, uncomplicated, and looking out for the taxpayer's bottom line.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Doing Business in Racine can be tough! Even for the Mayor!

Mayor John Dickerts new headquarters at 3214 Washington Ave in West Racine must be extremely challenging.  Just ask Tom Tousis how hard it is to do business in West Racine!   It seems that Mayor John Dickert's campaign staff forgot to check into an occupancy permit!   CRG of Racine; the new Govt. "Watchdog" for Racine city and county politics checked with the Building Department today and found no record of an application for that address.  

Mayor Dickert is it so challenging to walk down the hall a few doors to request the permit?   Imagine if it's that hard for you..how difficult we make it for other companies to come to our city in the hopes of bringing jobs and making profits in our city.  If the Mayor can't follow his own rules, how can we expect others to follow them.  If the rules are too onerous..perhaps we should back off some of the rules.  Let's make Racine business friendly again!  Lower taxes, less spending, balanced budget, and less regulations!

CRG of Racine is calling on the new Aldermanic candidates and those current serving to open our city to easy access for businesses in the next year.