Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Road to our success is a ROAD! 794 is that road!

If Racine is going to thrive in the next 20 years it is imperative that the City Council, Mayor and County leadership to embrace a 794 Freeway into our city. Racine has been waiting since 1959 to correct the mistake of running I-94 to run 9 miles from the lakefront and it’s population. 60 years later we realize the economic development happens close to major arterial freeways and airports. Just like in the pre-railroad days growth was along lakes and rivers. The new 794 will be used for trucking, commuting and commerce. This new road will be the salvation for our entire community.

Caledonia will eventually complete their section from Hwy 100 to 6 Mile or even 3 or 4 mile. Racine must get in this discussion NOW!! Lets utilize the KRM corridor right next to Douglas Avenue and Memorial Drive, Connecting out Industrial Parks, snaking it to the edges of UW Parkside for education opportunities; thru Kenosha along 30th Ave, (or approx.), then Waukegan, etc. ending just east or west of Great Lakes Naval Academy. This route keep's the almost the entire Interstate within 1-2 Miles of Lake Michigan's shoreline, where 60-70% of our residents live, and thus will be with 5 minutes of access to a major N/S Freeway connecting Milwaukee and Chicago. It will be open 24-7-365, it will leave and return on your schedule!

 Imagine the improved housing values for Caledonia & Racine; homes from the Shoreline to Hwy 31.  Consider the investments made by new business, retail, manufacturing, and hi-tech, etc. as people with middle and upper incomes determine that lake living and a Milwaukee commute aren't that bad now that they can get to Milwaukee in 30 minutes rather than 40-50minutes. People populating Milw.’s north shore or Brookfield, Elm Grove areas, will begin to look at the opportunities to the south. This group of mid-higher income people coming to our city will reduce our tax-burdens, help improve our schools, and greatly improve the job climate in our city.  Not just building the road, but the jobs that will follow for decades to come!

A 2nd option is along Hwy 31, and many folks will support that route:  That will be BAD for the City of Racine.  If the 794 Freeway is along 31, all of the future development will be in Mt. Pleasant and thus west of the city.  If we build it down the Douglas/ Memorial Ave. corridor we will create an infusion of economic energy to State St., Downtown, Uptown, West Racine and still make get the economic development in Mt. Pleasant and all the way to Yorkville.  Racine and Caledonia are the next Oak Creek/ Franklin corridor, whether we like it or not.  We have 3 negatives: Taxes are too high, our public schools are sub-standard, and our road access is unacceptable.  Fixing the roads and controlling spending will improve all of our problems including our schools system.

Looking for a job in our area?  Look at N. Illinois or north of Milwaukee. Build this road and the jobs and opportunities will flood into Racine- Kenosha corridor.

 If we hope to fill our empty houses, employ our chronically unemployed, improve our quality of life and make Racine a destination city for resorting, business, commerce and residency; we must build this road and build it smart... Let's get the ball rolling NOW. This thing won't build itself!

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  1. The people have spoken, over 70% support bringing 794 into Racine County. Link to the Journal Times Poll: