Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A response to a Facebook "Friend"

One of my FB friends posted this comment today:
 "I will always have hope for the future but the fact that so many people back the likes of Sarah Palin is making me physically ill today."
My Response:
I can certainly sympathize. I actually was choked up with fear for America 2 years ago on election night. Because some of my ignorant fellow Americans bought into the phony "Hope and Change" message brought to you by the "American Idol" candidate. Obama was the "Cool" yet completely unqualified candidate, and he was going to somehow make the rest of the world happy.

The Prez. "Community Organizer" spent his first 4 months apologizing around the world for American greatness, then he followed that up with the biggest wasteful spending program in history after serving only 29 days in office, known as the Stimulus pkg. (Everyone clearly sees it was ineffectual, and was nothing more than a handout to Govt. employees and special interest groups.)  The guy who ran as moderate then proceeded to take the reigns of not one but 2 Automotive companies!!! This from a man who's never raked a lawn for $$ or flipped a burger, or bussed a table let alone had ANY experience running anything more than a classroom of law students. It's no surprise the people who were screaming from every corner of the country to STOP..and the Elitist Commander in Chief rammed thru a destructive plan to ruin the American Health Care industry.

The TEA Party could have been stopped if Obama, Reid and Pelosi had listened. But they didn't.. they rammed through full speed ahead, damn the ignorant citizenry, they don't know what's good for them. WE THE IMPERIALIST ELITISTS know, best. WE know what you should eat, drive and the health plan you must have. We have decided the Liberties in the Constitution are null and void. (except of course abortion and "seperation of Church and State which aren't in the Const.).

Fortunately there are enough smart people who woke up and realized their country, liberty and freedom were under attack by some Harvard Law Review Editor/ Scholar. These Americans realized all of the phony Bullshit thrown at Sarah Palin for being "unqualified" by the American media in 2008, was actually a deflection away from the ACTUAL unqualification's of Senator Obama.  This time the media is losing control of the message; because the TEA Party, Facebook, Blog's and other alternative ways of sharing information is at an all time high. Even "people like me" can figure out how to use it.

For as "Ill" as you are today, the results of the TEA Party triumph will actually be good for you and your family and your business. If the Bush tax cuts are extended and Obamacare is abolished businesses will return to hiring and the economy will start to recover; the housing bottom will have passed and the world economy can grow again. There is 2-3 trillion dollars waiting to flood back into this economy. That is a lot of money! The Sarah Palin sympathizers will put the brakes on big Govt. spending, and that will also go a long way to improving the future for our children.

We can, of course, disagree about who is the most qualified to run and serve...but you cannot break the laws of economics...using big govt. spending will never work in a modern economy, and over-paying Govt employees is not an "investment in the future" it's a thievery of your children's future earnings.  How can you saddle your children with this obligation??  Pay as you go.  If we can't afford the bills now..then don't make the commitment.  Let these Govt. employees fund their own pensions with the money they are being paid today!

Sarah Palin will not be my candidate for President, but if it comes down to her versus Barack Obama..I will stack her experience in business, and as a chief executive over Mr. "We're the ones that we've been waiting for" ANY DAY.  The I would vote for her, (I do not believe she will run in 2012).

BTW the State of Wisconsin just switched Governor, State Senate, State Assembly and even threw Russ Feingold to the curb. We also switched 2 of our Congressional seats to Conservative TEA Party Republican!! Wisconsin has been a Blue State on the fence for the past 20 years..but is the home of the Progressive Party and the Socialist movement of the 1920's. (It is also the home of the Republican Party, BTW, an dmight have the most powerful TEA Party in the country). Yesterday Wisconsin had the LARGEST D-R switch in the entire country! The most dramatic switch in the State of Wisconsin's History. 

I am extremely proud of the TEA Party and Sarah Palin's support of our cause which was vastly superior to the support of Prez Obama over for the Progressive views. 

So take 2 aspirin, (or the herbal equivilent), and call me in the morning. Sometimes you "Progressives" have to be saved from yourself! You're welcome! Love the TEA PARTY


  1. what makes Obama unqualified to be president?

  2. His resume stacked up against Sen McCain or Gov. Palin's properly examined in advance would have revealed which candidate was most qualified to be supported by the American people. He has demonstrated that whilst he was elected under the laws of the US Govt. he has done a poor job of addressing the needs of the American people. Tuesday they showed their disdain for his leadership. Perhaps they will agree with me in 2 years and Fire him for his incompetence, and lack of "qualifications" to lead.

  3. i believe republicans have done a poorer job of finding workable solutions. Acting like whining babies and fighting everything is not a means to find workable solutions. In addition, the problems within the GOP will become more apparent as they fight with their Tea Party competitors. The Tea Party stemmed from frustration of both dems AND repubs. this will be interesting how the GOPs new competition maneuvers in the House. The GOP & Tea Party are not one in the same.

  4. Anon 10:49. Thanks for making that point that the TEA and the R's are not one and the same! I expect the TEA's will muscle their way into to some control, since it was their energy that brought the R's to majority in the House and increased their numbers in the Senate, beginning with Scott Brown's Victory in January. I will be pushing them to force thru votes on abolishing Obama-Care. and renewing the Bush Tax cuts indefinately. Control of Spending will begin at the Desk of Cong. Paul Ryan..who recognizes his Chairmanship was a gift of the TEA Party movement. I am confident he will do a great job! Look for him to replace Sarah Palin as the devil in the media and amoung the Obama's inner circle!

  5. GOPs new enemy is the Tea Party, Dems are the least of their concerns.
    Paul Ryan leading anything relating to any fiscal issue is the blind leading the blind. He should be ashamed of himself. A strong Tea Party makes for a weaker GOP.

    Divide and conquer. works every time.

  6. i think american people are tired of the fighting. get something done together! No one side will have exactly what they want. People are hurting while they fight, rangle and receive premium healthcare. We have kids dying in the united states because doctor dont accept badgercare and families have no insurance.

    What will the tea party do to fix this?

  7. @ Anon 8:37 First of all "Kids are dying in the US because doctors don't accept Badgercare." Badgercare is in Wisconsin only. I have heard of not a SINGLE kid in wisconsin who has died because of lack of access to Badgercare. Our previous Gov. Doyle extended B'Care so far that over 20% of the citizens in Wisconsin qualify for it! That's crazy. A Welfare program for the truly needy should never cover more than 5% of the population. What would the TEA Party do? The TEA Party would support greater freedom for Doctors and medical facilities, to innovate, pay reduced taxes, hire and train better personnel, etc. By simply getting the Govt. out of the way in every point possible.