Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guilt by Association?? And the Lefty media goes nutZ!

Racine Post today Dustin takes a gigantic leap to link the Racine TEA Party (of which I am one member), and the 9/12 Group (of which I have never been a part of, nor even ever visited their website until today.).   Dustin ran the commentary that John Stossell had been added to our Tribute and Town Hall this Sat at 2-3:30 at Pershing Park on Racine's Lakefront.  Within Dustins article he took a few stabs at Stossell's investigative journalism, but then he takes the huge leap of tying Stossell and the Racine TEA Party to the 9/11 Meet-up group!  Now it may be true that some folks are members of both groups, which each are loosely organized.  9/11 is much more structured with a "Meet-up".  It also has a different mission of it's members.  But link our group to a few comments of some bloggers on another groups "site" is attempted sabotage by "journalism".  Now that Dustin has linked theses comments to his "Blog" am I now free to slander or freely associate his commentary with that of 9/12?  I think not.  Dustin  voted for Obama, Obama went to Rev Wright's church, and friend of Bill Ayers,  Wright is a racist and a biggot, Ayers is a terrorist..therefore Dustin is a biggot and a terrorist?  That would be wrong...so I just won't do that.

   The RTP has a primary focus spending, taxation, KRM, and we spent some time on ObamaCare.
We have stayed away from 2nd amendment, issues. Gay marriage, abortion etc.  But it is important to note.    We have no formal membership...no dues are collected, no initiation's etc.

I do find it interesting that over the past 16 Months.. The TEA Party has been grown from a handful of "Astro-Turfers", TEA Baggers, Crazies..and Loons, and even Racist's by the NAACP, (Ironic, huh?).  Gun-toting Bible-thumpers..into an extremely powerful Political Grass Roots organization.  The Health Care Bill was nearly killed entirely, and was arguably disolved into a nearly un-definable document that still no one knows what's in it.  The Republicans are changing dramatically, and the "middle" and "left" are reversing course to the center.  Arlen Specter left....Good riddence!  Russ Feingold, Patty Murray, Barbara Boxer are terrified!  Obama Fired his Genl. and replaced him with Bush's guy!  The Bush tax cuts the Dem's have demonized for 8 years are no being renewed for 2 years or even permanently!   Even Chris Matthews is no longer mocking us!!

I watched on Sunday Cynthia Tucker the "LOON "from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Declare that the push back against the Govt. is due to "RACISM!!!"   Yep the "white's" are seeing their majority threatened, so they are pushing back!   Is it possible the same "whites" that voted for Obama 22 months ago are suddenly "racists"?  Please.

Last point.  I watched the "Brilliant" Nobel Prize winning Paul Krugman on This Week, and he looked like the little Liar he has always been.  he's been attacking Bush, Ryan and George Will etc.  for years!  His smug little self who helped push the Obama/ Keynesian Bullshit economic package down our throats.   He now says......(You guessed it)...It wasn't big enough!!!!! ARGHHH!!!!  George Will,  handed him his hat on Sunday.  To the point Krugman compared now to 1938!  In fact I suspect he expects that WW III should start in 2 1/2 years, and will solve our economic problems!???    It was wonderful watching him squirm his way out of his ridiculous economics.  I hope Nobel calls Obama and Krugman and asks for the Awards to be returned.   I suggest we award them both to Paul RYAN!

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