Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tea Partism is changing the way Wisconsin and America votes.

Johnson and Walker appear to be making their case rather well in Wisconsin.  Other Conservative leaning candidates are having success elsewhere in our state. I have sat back for the first weeks to see some of the post convention poll's.   I was thrilled to see my expectation that Feingold and Johnson are neck and neck.  After the most recent polling from last week.  Also the PPP poll which came out regarding the Walker/ Neumann smackdown is just as I expected. at 58% vs. 19%!  Also Johnson vs. Westlake numbers are even better at 49-11%.  With that in mind I believe either Neumann or Weestlake will decide to pull the money plug, since it's a losing battle in the next few days.  leaving very little need or attention for the Republican Primary.  Even the Westlake Deadenders have to be losing faith.   

Further evidence BTW that Terrance Wall's phony accusation about Johnson "stealing" or corrupting of the vote was nothing more than BS.  Served up by a whiner.

A real promising thing is that even though I realize many people don't know much about Johnson yet; he's running very just 1 or 2 points below Feingold who has nearly 100% ID.  The folks polled were very similar to Wisconsin's recent voting results as well.  So this demonstrates there is not a lot of groundswell for Feingold voters, and with the likely GOP/ conservative energy I think he could lose by several points in November.  Feingold appears to be the Dog food that the voters just don't like, despite all the great praise he has received.

The Governor race is looking very easy for Scott Walker, and I think the Dem enthusiasm level will be tepid, unless Barrett can find an issue that resonates, and builds his support.  Many of us Walker folks have been excited for 4-8 years about his prospects, ever since Scott Jensen was dethroned over a "non-issue".

Speaking of issues...I was appalled at Mark Neumann's blatant attempt to link Scott Walker to the County parking structure...And that wasafter the poll was taken.  Furthermore Neumann embarrassed himself on Belling's show pretending his concern was genuine and not political..

I was at an event last night in a rather "left" leaning area of the State, and I witnessed several GOP/ Tea Party folk approaching potential voters by the thousands.  and the reception of energy and enthusiasm for the entire GOP slate was unlike I have ever seen!!  People climbing over each other to sign nomination papers, speak openly about issues,and Govt. over-reach.  This just 2 days after the Presidents visit to SE Wisconsin.   I'm not sure if the Republican's can take the Senate back but if PPP and Rasmussens latest poll results get factored into the numbers Wisconsin should be moved from the "leans Dem" column to the "toss-up" column,  I suspect the same thing in California as well in the next few days.  I also believe Rob Portman in Ohio will prevail as John Kasich should win Ohio for Gov. with a nice margin. 3-4%.

These tight polling numbers for the R's will bring a lot more national money into our race.  More of the Rep Senate and Gov Races are no longer close so the need to spend money in those states diminishes..freeing up funds for our race.  The Dem's will need spend money in otherwise "safe" seats and defend even more!  What a great year for America!

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