Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conservatives and Republicans and recent history re: Spending

 “Real” Conservatives will be working very hard to get control of spending next year.  Even in 95-2001 the Republicans were influenced by a lot of “Conservatives” in the House, (and the deficits were seriously reduced, giving Bill Clinton that Surplus liberals love to brag about, the Rep. House gave him those surplusses), the gradual weakening of the conservatives in the Senate..followed by the 9/11 attacks which launched the crazy spending dealing with Homeland Security..a new department which seemed to be a bottomless pit of “defensive” / preventive spending. In the past few years most of our “moderates” and liberals have been purged. Spector, Voinavich, Bennett, Chaffee, “Jumping Jim” Jeffers and dozens of others in the House, Senate and State Govt. houses all across the country. Furthermore the “Left” has lost a lot of their moderates and blue dogs too. So if the Conservatives manage to take the House and/ or the Senate in Washington you will see a great difference even better than the 94 revolution because the Conservatives will be in the majority of the majority.

The State of Wisconsin is about to have a transformation as well. Scott Walker is much better to conservatives than Tommy Thompson ever was. The conservative leadership in both houses will drastically change the way Wisc does business over the next few years.

 Hopefully in few years of proving the Conservative Republicans can govern like the Grown-ups we profess to be the term “Republican” will be synonymous “conservative and even Libertarian will feel better as part of the fold. The Progressive “Cheques” are now starting to bounce across the country and around the world. it’s time for the grown-ups to be in charge again.

One last point: on the weak kneed Republicans of the 2001-2006 era. The reason was that Jim Jeffords, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Spector and even John McCain were constantly threatening to " Jump" and switch the Senate control if they didn’t get their way..which was always special interest items that ran contrary to “conservative" ideals.  Trent Lott, Bill Frist, and even Mitch McConnell and others caved rather than fight for a principle. We do have a few left to purge and the Club For Growth and the TEA Party has been doing the job.  Scott Brown might be a RINO..but he’s not Teddy Kennedy or Martha Coakley.
BTW next year when all the press is asking why we can’t a get along?? It’s because the Blue areas have voted in and kept the leftists while the rest (Red) of the country has installed conservatives and a few moderates. We are not very “purple” any more.  Obama's attempt to bring us together have failed.

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