Thursday, May 13, 2010

RINO's becoming an endangered species.Thank the TEA Partier's UPDATED

It's been an interesting 6-12 months watching the local, State and National political scene.
One of the first big upsets was last Summer when the Congressman went home in August to have their "Listening sessions". What they found was an irate, agitated populace showing up at these sessions and telling them NO! NO! NO! To huge Government growth... The Politicians were scared and cowed into submission to the point that every single Republican fell in line against the expansion of Govt., especially the Obama Health Care proposal. Arlen Specter got scared and switched parties. (He was evidently the last person know that he was actually a Democrat, he even ran for President as Republican in 1996).

Then Scott Brown came on strong in Massachusetts and Won running against Obama-Care. John Murtha died in Western, PA and his seats is shifting from a Conservative Dem to a Conservative Rep. David Obey has retired in Northern Wisconsin and the Sean Duffy is looking very strong there. Bart Stupak has faded away, and even Steve Kagan in Green Bay hasn't said if he's running again! WTF?? One of my best political buddy's is reluctant to see what happens when the Republicans get back in office. He refers back to 1994. I have told him that I have great faith in the new much more Conservative Republicans at every level of Govt. And this fall it should get even better. Folks like Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mike Pence, John Shaddeg, and Michelle Bachmann. if you compare those leadership folks against the Gingrich, Armey will have to accept that the "R's" are shifted way closer to the Libertarian position.
Sen Bennett lost his bid for Senate in Utah, and Dem. Rep. Alan Mollohan has lost to a Dem and Rep. candidate in W. VA.

I can make a similar case with the State of Wisconsin. Just look at the "R's" in Wisconsin at the top of the political landscape. Paul Ryan (is in Les Aspin's seat), and Jim Sens is still there, but Scott Walker and Mark Neumann are competing for the Gov. Job and Ron Johnson, Dave Westlake and Terry Wall are all competing to the most conservative guy running for US Senate.

I have heard that Ron Kind is in danger in LaCrosse...Both Belling and Sykes are suggesting 3 of the 8 US House seats might switch from Blue to Red! And these will be CONSERVATIVE's! Our delegation could switch from 5-3 to 6-2 and two remaining would be Baldwin and Moore!! Also Census estimates we will lose a House seat in 2012 when the Redistricting occurs. We could carve out one of those seats entirely! If The Republicans win the Gov. job and 1 or both state houses this November.

I read the other day that Hawaii might vote a Republican into office! Michigan is ready to switch around many houses and Ohio and Illinois Virginia and New Jersey, are in transition.

I read the other day before Obey retired the Real Clear Politics projection had the R's gaining enough seats to TIE, and then Obey's Seat in Play the R's are 1 over the number needed to take back the House. I know' it's months until the Fall election and much can happen from now until Nov. but it could get even worse for Dem's by then. Safe seats are resigning!! the energy is clearly on the R's side for now..and all of the Obama youth vote from 2008 is likely to sit at home. Even Russ Feingold is in trouble Check out where concerned citizens have organized to raise funds to help defeat him this fall.

I have often thought Wisconsin should be the next "Red State"..this could be the first year of that trend. The Tea Party has changed the Landscape in Wisconsin and across the US..perhaps we should THANK Pres. Obama for showing what happens when the unchecked Left grab's power!

On a personal note to Arlen Spector Thanks for beating up Anita Hill and her lies back in 1990..but your time has past and you have messed up more legislation that could've improved the conservative cause in the past 20 will not be missed. John McCain and Lindsay Graham I hope your next!!!

UPDATE: Looks like Hawaii's TEA Party guy won! Rand Paul won Big. Spector Lost BIG! And Now Wisconsin Republicans have endorsed Ron Johnson with the overwhelming support of the TEA Partiers! Fight on Scott Walker, and Johnson can take down Barret and Feingold in 2010!


  1. "I read the other day that Hawaii might vote a Republican into office!"

    Not sure why you are excited about that. If the GOP does win that seat it will be a RINO, and not a 'true conservative'.

  2. Anon 9:57 Thanks for the comment. I realize a RINO in Hawaii may not be a Conservative. But if we can move the Line to the right in Hawaii..the Solid Conservatives will have more power in the solid right areas of the country. Thus we can have more impact in Washington D.C. I know were not going to win Nancy Pelosi's seat..but if we could get a moderate'd be pull in the correct direction. We can't expect to win them all, sometimes we just need to keep the left out of power.

  3. Anon 9:57 Follow up It looks like Dojou in Hawaii is a CONSERVATIVE! He may or may not win the November Re-election but the fact that he cam out on top will give him a few months to prove himself. We do have to be careful how far we go though! If Rand Paul crashes and burns because we went a bridge too far? If he can still win then we will be showing the Cons./ Libertarian views are actually moving the needle! You notice Joe Sestack in Penn. ran as a Conservative acting Dem! But Toomey should be able to handle him we will have to watch!.