Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!"

This statement is often found posted on the wall in restaurants, taverns, and retail businesses across the City, County, State and the country. I support a private businesses right to maintain that policy. If a Government entity comes in to your businesses and begins to dictate who you must serve, they have attacked your "Liberty". From the Racine Post Article:
"The Finance and Personnel Committee voted 3-0 Monday night to give the city's Affirmative Action and Human Rights Commission remarkable new powers. Under the ordinance, the volunteer commission will be able to hold hearings on housing discrimination complaints and fine landlords or homeowners up to $25,000 for violating discrimination laws." Full article HERE

First question: Why does our city have an "Affirmative Action and Human Rights Commission". (Been around about 35-40 years. Has it outlived it's usefulness?) How much money does this "committee" cost the tax-payer? ($120,000 per year.) Why does it have any enforcement powers over private property? If there is City owned apartments I could see a reason for it's existence. But since to the best of my knowledge, and confirmed with the Housing authority, all residential rental properties in the City are PRIVATELY owned!

Can Mr. Ron Thomas really use the "Affirmative Action" committee to interfere with only rental business? If he can how soon will Mr. Thomas and committee decide to tell Restaurants who they must serve, perhaps we will need to force restaurants to carry different products to cater to assorted minorities? Shall now every private tavern have to carry Dos Equis, Corona, Peroni & saki? Will every menu be required to be diverse? From grits, and tacos, to Sushi and wasabi?

No private business should have the terms of products, or targeted clientele dictated by this committee or any others in the city.

I address this in my business every single day..I don't carry products for "everyone" I have a targeted customers, Higher income and fashion forward; and I buy my products in hopes of gaining their business. I know of businesses like mine who cater to the low-end clients, and others that make great money off of the "Drug Thugs". Others that cater to the average customer. Each of us serve our niche. We can change our market as needed. The same rules will apply to the owners of Rental Property. We are all familiar with Jacato Dr. We are all aware of certain areas in the city that have an over abundance of "low-end" renters with sketchy records. The building owners I'm sure would love to upscale but the reality of certain neighborhoods will require more work than any one rental business can change.
I am not in favor of anyone refusing to rent to anyone based on color, but at the same time no one should be forced to rent to persons based on color. Affirmative Action is an outdated practice and should be struck completely from the City business, ordinances, or mandates.

Affirmative Action is reverse Racism and everyone knows it! Mayor, Dickert, Ald's Coe, Marcus, Maack and Helding. I urge you to fight this policy and this abuse of city power immediately!

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  1. Good post, Ken. Maybe it is time we got out of "victim mode" in this city and get on with life.