Thursday, April 8, 2010

KRM The Little Engine that Can't.... Seem to go AWAY!

We all remember the story of the Little Engine that Could. In fact I read it as a child and to my own children from a Little Golden Book. Since I moved back to Racine 20 years ago, this story of a Transit system has been thrown around. The Cost is always under rated, and the ridership is inflated. I see that the County Sup's are proposing a referendum for this November on this issue. It is about time! Maybe we can put our School Referendum on the same ballot! But I digress. This referendum must be BINDING!! Not advisory..our young people can not afford another financial burden layered on top of all of the existing and upcoming burdens they will have to pay for Health care and other boon-doggels the Assorted Govt's will be piling on in the next few years.
Mr Mayor the City needs improved access I will make the roads better! wider smother, etc. It's time to extend the Lake Parkway from The Airport to the IL border. THAT Will bring new residents, customers investors etc. and most importantly JOBS!!!!

The little engine is yesterdays technology Mr. Mayor. Until the Jetson's era comes along we need to make Auto's, Trucks an buses our primary mode of transport!