Saturday, January 16, 2010

KRM...What does the Mayor have do with it?

Racine Post 14th of Jan article on Dave Blanks response to the KRM Hotel Tax.

"Anon Said This was done in the assembly. What does the Mayor have to do with it?"

Hey Anon 1:08 Mayor Dickerts person appointed the RTA board is Jody Karls who serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. We can't "un-elect" Karls we can only ask the Mayor to give him the correct direction on issues like KRM and increasing our Taxes on things like Hotel's etc.
Now If Dave Blank doesn't like having his Axe gored with a Hotel tax. why does he think anyone else should bear the Tax. Rental Car companies? (They'll simply re-locate out of Racine and Milw counties). An increased sales tax? The Stadium tax was one tenth of oen percent. this thing will need at least a 2-3 Cent tax. (Don't believe me check with Chicago and the Metra)! Fact is we Don't need this KRM thing it will not work or get ridership anywhere near the needed amount to not lose a fortune per year. One propsal that MIGHT work and would cost a lot less money is to build an extension to METRA from Kenosha to Sturtevant Station. At least it would serve as a logical Hub for assorted transit options. and people can decide to take the Slow train or the fast train. to Chicago, the Burbs, the Airports and into Milwaukee. Racine can make sure that the Bus system logically connects with the Strutevant station to provide easy affordable access to all of the rail options at the Station. Furthermore there is easy parking near Stvt. Station. We could easily build a larger secure ramp for overnight parking as well. Heres the real beauty of my proposal this more Centralized station can attract riders from Burlington and Waterford as well as downtown Racinians. Whereas the State St. Station would only entice Downtowners to ride on very limited basis. Call the Mayor and him know that Jody Karls must oppose any tax increases or phony growth of RTA. Money is tight building a risky project like KRM is Silly and a irresponsible.


  1. "One propsal that MIGHT work and would cost a lot less money is to build an extension to METRA from Kenosha to Sturtevant Station"

    Considering that Kenosha and Sturtevard are located on separate rail lines that don't have any connections in that segment, I am not sure how it's supposed to work. I should also point out that, as an Illinois agency, Metra can't operate trains in Wisconsin (the run to Kenosha was grandfathered in for historic reasons).

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  3. Thanks for the reply. The laws of Metra and Wisc and Ill are all changeable to offer a limited extension should it be feasible. Secondly Rail lines can be laid along a route that would accommodate an extension to Sturtevant. Furthermore the High Speed rail line is proposed to run thru Sturtevant Station as well if it ever is built. Thus Sturtevant, Not State Street is the future center of Rail Traffic.