Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Road to our success is a ROAD! 794 is that road!

If Racine is going to thrive in the next 20 years it is imperative that the City Council, Mayor and County leadership to embrace a 794 Freeway into our city. Racine has been waiting since 1959 to correct the mistake of running I-94 to run 9 miles from the lakefront and it’s population. 60 years later we realize the economic development happens close to major arterial freeways and airports. Just like in the pre-railroad days growth was along lakes and rivers. The new 794 will be used for trucking, commuting and commerce. This new road will be the salvation for our entire community.

Caledonia will eventually complete their section from Hwy 100 to 6 Mile or even 3 or 4 mile. Racine must get in this discussion NOW!! Lets utilize the KRM corridor right next to Douglas Avenue and Memorial Drive, Connecting out Industrial Parks, snaking it to the edges of UW Parkside for education opportunities; thru Kenosha along 30th Ave, (or approx.), then Waukegan, etc. ending just east or west of Great Lakes Naval Academy. This route keep's the almost the entire Interstate within 1-2 Miles of Lake Michigan's shoreline, where 60-70% of our residents live, and thus will be with 5 minutes of access to a major N/S Freeway connecting Milwaukee and Chicago. It will be open 24-7-365, it will leave and return on your schedule!

 Imagine the improved housing values for Caledonia & Racine; homes from the Shoreline to Hwy 31.  Consider the investments made by new business, retail, manufacturing, and hi-tech, etc. as people with middle and upper incomes determine that lake living and a Milwaukee commute aren't that bad now that they can get to Milwaukee in 30 minutes rather than 40-50minutes. People populating Milw.’s north shore or Brookfield, Elm Grove areas, will begin to look at the opportunities to the south. This group of mid-higher income people coming to our city will reduce our tax-burdens, help improve our schools, and greatly improve the job climate in our city.  Not just building the road, but the jobs that will follow for decades to come!

A 2nd option is along Hwy 31, and many folks will support that route:  That will be BAD for the City of Racine.  If the 794 Freeway is along 31, all of the future development will be in Mt. Pleasant and thus west of the city.  If we build it down the Douglas/ Memorial Ave. corridor we will create an infusion of economic energy to State St., Downtown, Uptown, West Racine and still make get the economic development in Mt. Pleasant and all the way to Yorkville.  Racine and Caledonia are the next Oak Creek/ Franklin corridor, whether we like it or not.  We have 3 negatives: Taxes are too high, our public schools are sub-standard, and our road access is unacceptable.  Fixing the roads and controlling spending will improve all of our problems including our schools system.

Looking for a job in our area?  Look at N. Illinois or north of Milwaukee. Build this road and the jobs and opportunities will flood into Racine- Kenosha corridor.

 If we hope to fill our empty houses, employ our chronically unemployed, improve our quality of life and make Racine a destination city for resorting, business, commerce and residency; we must build this road and build it smart... Let's get the ball rolling NOW. This thing won't build itself!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A response to a Facebook "Friend"

One of my FB friends posted this comment today:
 "I will always have hope for the future but the fact that so many people back the likes of Sarah Palin is making me physically ill today."
My Response:
I can certainly sympathize. I actually was choked up with fear for America 2 years ago on election night. Because some of my ignorant fellow Americans bought into the phony "Hope and Change" message brought to you by the "American Idol" candidate. Obama was the "Cool" yet completely unqualified candidate, and he was going to somehow make the rest of the world happy.

The Prez. "Community Organizer" spent his first 4 months apologizing around the world for American greatness, then he followed that up with the biggest wasteful spending program in history after serving only 29 days in office, known as the Stimulus pkg. (Everyone clearly sees it was ineffectual, and was nothing more than a handout to Govt. employees and special interest groups.)  The guy who ran as moderate then proceeded to take the reigns of not one but 2 Automotive companies!!! This from a man who's never raked a lawn for $$ or flipped a burger, or bussed a table let alone had ANY experience running anything more than a classroom of law students. It's no surprise the people who were screaming from every corner of the country to STOP..and the Elitist Commander in Chief rammed thru a destructive plan to ruin the American Health Care industry.

The TEA Party could have been stopped if Obama, Reid and Pelosi had listened. But they didn't.. they rammed through full speed ahead, damn the ignorant citizenry, they don't know what's good for them. WE THE IMPERIALIST ELITISTS know, best. WE know what you should eat, drive and the health plan you must have. We have decided the Liberties in the Constitution are null and void. (except of course abortion and "seperation of Church and State which aren't in the Const.).

Fortunately there are enough smart people who woke up and realized their country, liberty and freedom were under attack by some Harvard Law Review Editor/ Scholar. These Americans realized all of the phony Bullshit thrown at Sarah Palin for being "unqualified" by the American media in 2008, was actually a deflection away from the ACTUAL unqualification's of Senator Obama.  This time the media is losing control of the message; because the TEA Party, Facebook, Blog's and other alternative ways of sharing information is at an all time high. Even "people like me" can figure out how to use it.

For as "Ill" as you are today, the results of the TEA Party triumph will actually be good for you and your family and your business. If the Bush tax cuts are extended and Obamacare is abolished businesses will return to hiring and the economy will start to recover; the housing bottom will have passed and the world economy can grow again. There is 2-3 trillion dollars waiting to flood back into this economy. That is a lot of money! The Sarah Palin sympathizers will put the brakes on big Govt. spending, and that will also go a long way to improving the future for our children.

We can, of course, disagree about who is the most qualified to run and serve...but you cannot break the laws of economics...using big govt. spending will never work in a modern economy, and over-paying Govt employees is not an "investment in the future" it's a thievery of your children's future earnings.  How can you saddle your children with this obligation??  Pay as you go.  If we can't afford the bills now..then don't make the commitment.  Let these Govt. employees fund their own pensions with the money they are being paid today!

Sarah Palin will not be my candidate for President, but if it comes down to her versus Barack Obama..I will stack her experience in business, and as a chief executive over Mr. "We're the ones that we've been waiting for" ANY DAY.  The I would vote for her, (I do not believe she will run in 2012).

BTW the State of Wisconsin just switched Governor, State Senate, State Assembly and even threw Russ Feingold to the curb. We also switched 2 of our Congressional seats to Conservative TEA Party Republican!! Wisconsin has been a Blue State on the fence for the past 20 years..but is the home of the Progressive Party and the Socialist movement of the 1920's. (It is also the home of the Republican Party, BTW, an dmight have the most powerful TEA Party in the country). Yesterday Wisconsin had the LARGEST D-R switch in the entire country! The most dramatic switch in the State of Wisconsin's History. 

I am extremely proud of the TEA Party and Sarah Palin's support of our cause which was vastly superior to the support of Prez Obama over for the Progressive views. 

So take 2 aspirin, (or the herbal equivilent), and call me in the morning. Sometimes you "Progressives" have to be saved from yourself! You're welcome! Love the TEA PARTY

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Racine Post: Jonah Goldberg to appear at Racine TEA party's Sept. 11 rally

Racine Post: Jonah Goldberg to appear at Racine TEA party's Sept. 11 rally

Guilt by Association?? And the Lefty media goes nutZ!

Racine Post today Dustin takes a gigantic leap to link the Racine TEA Party (of which I am one member), and the 9/12 Group (of which I have never been a part of, nor even ever visited their website until today.).   Dustin ran the commentary that John Stossell had been added to our Tribute and Town Hall this Sat at 2-3:30 at Pershing Park on Racine's Lakefront.  Within Dustins article he took a few stabs at Stossell's investigative journalism, but then he takes the huge leap of tying Stossell and the Racine TEA Party to the 9/11 Meet-up group!  Now it may be true that some folks are members of both groups, which each are loosely organized.  9/11 is much more structured with a "Meet-up".  It also has a different mission of it's members.  But link our group to a few comments of some bloggers on another groups "site" is attempted sabotage by "journalism".  Now that Dustin has linked theses comments to his "Blog" am I now free to slander or freely associate his commentary with that of 9/12?  I think not.  Dustin  voted for Obama, Obama went to Rev Wright's church, and friend of Bill Ayers,  Wright is a racist and a biggot, Ayers is a terrorist..therefore Dustin is a biggot and a terrorist?  That would be I just won't do that.

   The RTP has a primary focus spending, taxation, KRM, and we spent some time on ObamaCare.
We have stayed away from 2nd amendment, issues. Gay marriage, abortion etc.  But it is important to note.    We have no formal dues are collected, no initiation's etc.

I do find it interesting that over the past 16 Months.. The TEA Party has been grown from a handful of "Astro-Turfers", TEA Baggers, Crazies..and Loons, and even Racist's by the NAACP, (Ironic, huh?).  Gun-toting Bible-thumpers..into an extremely powerful Political Grass Roots organization.  The Health Care Bill was nearly killed entirely, and was arguably disolved into a nearly un-definable document that still no one knows what's in it.  The Republicans are changing dramatically, and the "middle" and "left" are reversing course to the center.  Arlen Specter left....Good riddence!  Russ Feingold, Patty Murray, Barbara Boxer are terrified!  Obama Fired his Genl. and replaced him with Bush's guy!  The Bush tax cuts the Dem's have demonized for 8 years are no being renewed for 2 years or even permanently!   Even Chris Matthews is no longer mocking us!!

I watched on Sunday Cynthia Tucker the "LOON "from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Declare that the push back against the Govt. is due to "RACISM!!!"   Yep the "white's" are seeing their majority threatened, so they are pushing back!   Is it possible the same "whites" that voted for Obama 22 months ago are suddenly "racists"?  Please.

Last point.  I watched the "Brilliant" Nobel Prize winning Paul Krugman on This Week, and he looked like the little Liar he has always been.  he's been attacking Bush, Ryan and George Will etc.  for years!  His smug little self who helped push the Obama/ Keynesian Bullshit economic package down our throats.   He now says......(You guessed it)...It wasn't big enough!!!!! ARGHHH!!!!  George Will,  handed him his hat on Sunday.  To the point Krugman compared now to 1938!  In fact I suspect he expects that WW III should start in 2 1/2 years, and will solve our economic problems!???    It was wonderful watching him squirm his way out of his ridiculous economics.  I hope Nobel calls Obama and Krugman and asks for the Awards to be returned.   I suggest we award them both to Paul RYAN!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conservatives and Republicans and recent history re: Spending

 “Real” Conservatives will be working very hard to get control of spending next year.  Even in 95-2001 the Republicans were influenced by a lot of “Conservatives” in the House, (and the deficits were seriously reduced, giving Bill Clinton that Surplus liberals love to brag about, the Rep. House gave him those surplusses), the gradual weakening of the conservatives in the Senate..followed by the 9/11 attacks which launched the crazy spending dealing with Homeland Security..a new department which seemed to be a bottomless pit of “defensive” / preventive spending. In the past few years most of our “moderates” and liberals have been purged. Spector, Voinavich, Bennett, Chaffee, “Jumping Jim” Jeffers and dozens of others in the House, Senate and State Govt. houses all across the country. Furthermore the “Left” has lost a lot of their moderates and blue dogs too. So if the Conservatives manage to take the House and/ or the Senate in Washington you will see a great difference even better than the 94 revolution because the Conservatives will be in the majority of the majority.

The State of Wisconsin is about to have a transformation as well. Scott Walker is much better to conservatives than Tommy Thompson ever was. The conservative leadership in both houses will drastically change the way Wisc does business over the next few years.

 Hopefully in few years of proving the Conservative Republicans can govern like the Grown-ups we profess to be the term “Republican” will be synonymous “conservative and even Libertarian will feel better as part of the fold. The Progressive “Cheques” are now starting to bounce across the country and around the world. it’s time for the grown-ups to be in charge again.

One last point: on the weak kneed Republicans of the 2001-2006 era. The reason was that Jim Jeffords, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Spector and even John McCain were constantly threatening to " Jump" and switch the Senate control if they didn’t get their way..which was always special interest items that ran contrary to “conservative" ideals.  Trent Lott, Bill Frist, and even Mitch McConnell and others caved rather than fight for a principle. We do have a few left to purge and the Club For Growth and the TEA Party has been doing the job.  Scott Brown might be a RINO..but he’s not Teddy Kennedy or Martha Coakley.
BTW next year when all the press is asking why we can’t a get along?? It’s because the Blue areas have voted in and kept the leftists while the rest (Red) of the country has installed conservatives and a few moderates. We are not very “purple” any more.  Obama's attempt to bring us together have failed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tea Partism is changing the way Wisconsin and America votes.

Johnson and Walker appear to be making their case rather well in Wisconsin.  Other Conservative leaning candidates are having success elsewhere in our state. I have sat back for the first weeks to see some of the post convention poll's.   I was thrilled to see my expectation that Feingold and Johnson are neck and neck.  After the most recent polling from last week.  Also the PPP poll which came out regarding the Walker/ Neumann smackdown is just as I expected. at 58% vs. 19%!  Also Johnson vs. Westlake numbers are even better at 49-11%.  With that in mind I believe either Neumann or Weestlake will decide to pull the money plug, since it's a losing battle in the next few days.  leaving very little need or attention for the Republican Primary.  Even the Westlake Deadenders have to be losing faith.   

Further evidence BTW that Terrance Wall's phony accusation about Johnson "stealing" or corrupting of the vote was nothing more than BS.  Served up by a whiner.

A real promising thing is that even though I realize many people don't know much about Johnson yet; he's running very just 1 or 2 points below Feingold who has nearly 100% ID.  The folks polled were very similar to Wisconsin's recent voting results as well.  So this demonstrates there is not a lot of groundswell for Feingold voters, and with the likely GOP/ conservative energy I think he could lose by several points in November.  Feingold appears to be the Dog food that the voters just don't like, despite all the great praise he has received.

The Governor race is looking very easy for Scott Walker, and I think the Dem enthusiasm level will be tepid, unless Barrett can find an issue that resonates, and builds his support.  Many of us Walker folks have been excited for 4-8 years about his prospects, ever since Scott Jensen was dethroned over a "non-issue".

Speaking of issues...I was appalled at Mark Neumann's blatant attempt to link Scott Walker to the County parking structure...And that wasafter the poll was taken.  Furthermore Neumann embarrassed himself on Belling's show pretending his concern was genuine and not political..

I was at an event last night in a rather "left" leaning area of the State, and I witnessed several GOP/ Tea Party folk approaching potential voters by the thousands.  and the reception of energy and enthusiasm for the entire GOP slate was unlike I have ever seen!!  People climbing over each other to sign nomination papers, speak openly about issues,and Govt. over-reach.  This just 2 days after the Presidents visit to SE Wisconsin.   I'm not sure if the Republican's can take the Senate back but if PPP and Rasmussens latest poll results get factored into the numbers Wisconsin should be moved from the "leans Dem" column to the "toss-up" column,  I suspect the same thing in California as well in the next few days.  I also believe Rob Portman in Ohio will prevail as John Kasich should win Ohio for Gov. with a nice margin. 3-4%.

These tight polling numbers for the R's will bring a lot more national money into our race.  More of the Rep Senate and Gov Races are no longer close so the need to spend money in those states diminishes..freeing up funds for our race.  The Dem's will need spend money in otherwise "safe" seats and defend even more!  What a great year for America!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

BP Coffee Spill Hysterical

The only character missing is the "Community Organizer-in-Chief" Who should be kicking Asses and putting his neck on everyone trying to clean up the mess!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Caledonia's Unemployment "Problem" and the KRM solution?

Thanks to Caledonia Unplugged Raising the point that Caledonia has the LOWEST unemployment in the State at 3.7%!! This is great news!! In fact Cal-Up further links to lists including Franklin 6.7%, Oak Creek 7.1%, and Mt. Pleasant 11% all with lower unemployment than City of Racine. Looks to me that jobs for our "unemployed" are within just about a 12 mile radius around our City, maybe if we cut off benefits after 3 or 6 months, we would see people start taking jobs.

I have often suggested that Racine's 14.8% unemployed should go to where the jobs are, but been told that people don't want to move away from family etc. Well a few miles radius is not that challenging. Cal-up further makes the point that the KRM is not running thru Caledonia; I will add; nor is it running thru Franklin, and if ever built would only run thru a sliver of Mt. Pleasant and Caledonia, and Oak Creek. So on balance it seems if we are going to help Racine's unemployed we need to make sure they are able to work in Franklin, OC and Cal. Or encourage them to move closer to those areas. It would further help to not keep continuing unemployment benefits for nearly 2 years.

BTW the Hwy 38 and 27th St. corridor in O.C and Franklin are growing like crazy! if you know someone looking for a job send them there!! We can't wait for Mayor Dickert or the Local Unions to bring jobs back to our City. Until they are willing to cut spending, and lower taxes and restrictions. Until the the growth will be north of us. It's too bad the "customers" living along those corridors would be ideally suited to improve our city, our schools and our future.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!"

This statement is often found posted on the wall in restaurants, taverns, and retail businesses across the City, County, State and the country. I support a private businesses right to maintain that policy. If a Government entity comes in to your businesses and begins to dictate who you must serve, they have attacked your "Liberty". From the Racine Post Article:
"The Finance and Personnel Committee voted 3-0 Monday night to give the city's Affirmative Action and Human Rights Commission remarkable new powers. Under the ordinance, the volunteer commission will be able to hold hearings on housing discrimination complaints and fine landlords or homeowners up to $25,000 for violating discrimination laws." Full article HERE

First question: Why does our city have an "Affirmative Action and Human Rights Commission". (Been around about 35-40 years. Has it outlived it's usefulness?) How much money does this "committee" cost the tax-payer? ($120,000 per year.) Why does it have any enforcement powers over private property? If there is City owned apartments I could see a reason for it's existence. But since to the best of my knowledge, and confirmed with the Housing authority, all residential rental properties in the City are PRIVATELY owned!

Can Mr. Ron Thomas really use the "Affirmative Action" committee to interfere with only rental business? If he can how soon will Mr. Thomas and committee decide to tell Restaurants who they must serve, perhaps we will need to force restaurants to carry different products to cater to assorted minorities? Shall now every private tavern have to carry Dos Equis, Corona, Peroni & saki? Will every menu be required to be diverse? From grits, and tacos, to Sushi and wasabi?

No private business should have the terms of products, or targeted clientele dictated by this committee or any others in the city.

I address this in my business every single day..I don't carry products for "everyone" I have a targeted customers, Higher income and fashion forward; and I buy my products in hopes of gaining their business. I know of businesses like mine who cater to the low-end clients, and others that make great money off of the "Drug Thugs". Others that cater to the average customer. Each of us serve our niche. We can change our market as needed. The same rules will apply to the owners of Rental Property. We are all familiar with Jacato Dr. We are all aware of certain areas in the city that have an over abundance of "low-end" renters with sketchy records. The building owners I'm sure would love to upscale but the reality of certain neighborhoods will require more work than any one rental business can change.
I am not in favor of anyone refusing to rent to anyone based on color, but at the same time no one should be forced to rent to persons based on color. Affirmative Action is an outdated practice and should be struck completely from the City business, ordinances, or mandates.

Affirmative Action is reverse Racism and everyone knows it! Mayor, Dickert, Ald's Coe, Marcus, Maack and Helding. I urge you to fight this policy and this abuse of city power immediately!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I understand Trains now!! SEWRTA presentation!

Here is Coverage from one the recent SEWRTA presentations with an explanation of how KRM and the Milw to Madison routes will work. Bringing 19th Century technology to our commute!

A 3 minute explanation worth watching.
Modern Rail

George Meyers Educates City Hall!

Watch this clip where George speaks of Recycling Chips and Chickens:

George on YouTube

Thursday, May 13, 2010

RINO's becoming an endangered species.Thank the TEA Partier's UPDATED

It's been an interesting 6-12 months watching the local, State and National political scene.
One of the first big upsets was last Summer when the Congressman went home in August to have their "Listening sessions". What they found was an irate, agitated populace showing up at these sessions and telling them NO! NO! NO! To huge Government growth... The Politicians were scared and cowed into submission to the point that every single Republican fell in line against the expansion of Govt., especially the Obama Health Care proposal. Arlen Specter got scared and switched parties. (He was evidently the last person know that he was actually a Democrat, he even ran for President as Republican in 1996).

Then Scott Brown came on strong in Massachusetts and Won running against Obama-Care. John Murtha died in Western, PA and his seats is shifting from a Conservative Dem to a Conservative Rep. David Obey has retired in Northern Wisconsin and the Sean Duffy is looking very strong there. Bart Stupak has faded away, and even Steve Kagan in Green Bay hasn't said if he's running again! WTF?? One of my best political buddy's is reluctant to see what happens when the Republicans get back in office. He refers back to 1994. I have told him that I have great faith in the new much more Conservative Republicans at every level of Govt. And this fall it should get even better. Folks like Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mike Pence, John Shaddeg, and Michelle Bachmann. if you compare those leadership folks against the Gingrich, Armey will have to accept that the "R's" are shifted way closer to the Libertarian position.
Sen Bennett lost his bid for Senate in Utah, and Dem. Rep. Alan Mollohan has lost to a Dem and Rep. candidate in W. VA.

I can make a similar case with the State of Wisconsin. Just look at the "R's" in Wisconsin at the top of the political landscape. Paul Ryan (is in Les Aspin's seat), and Jim Sens is still there, but Scott Walker and Mark Neumann are competing for the Gov. Job and Ron Johnson, Dave Westlake and Terry Wall are all competing to the most conservative guy running for US Senate.

I have heard that Ron Kind is in danger in LaCrosse...Both Belling and Sykes are suggesting 3 of the 8 US House seats might switch from Blue to Red! And these will be CONSERVATIVE's! Our delegation could switch from 5-3 to 6-2 and two remaining would be Baldwin and Moore!! Also Census estimates we will lose a House seat in 2012 when the Redistricting occurs. We could carve out one of those seats entirely! If The Republicans win the Gov. job and 1 or both state houses this November.

I read the other day that Hawaii might vote a Republican into office! Michigan is ready to switch around many houses and Ohio and Illinois Virginia and New Jersey, are in transition.

I read the other day before Obey retired the Real Clear Politics projection had the R's gaining enough seats to TIE, and then Obey's Seat in Play the R's are 1 over the number needed to take back the House. I know' it's months until the Fall election and much can happen from now until Nov. but it could get even worse for Dem's by then. Safe seats are resigning!! the energy is clearly on the R's side for now..and all of the Obama youth vote from 2008 is likely to sit at home. Even Russ Feingold is in trouble Check out where concerned citizens have organized to raise funds to help defeat him this fall.

I have often thought Wisconsin should be the next "Red State"..this could be the first year of that trend. The Tea Party has changed the Landscape in Wisconsin and across the US..perhaps we should THANK Pres. Obama for showing what happens when the unchecked Left grab's power!

On a personal note to Arlen Spector Thanks for beating up Anita Hill and her lies back in 1990..but your time has past and you have messed up more legislation that could've improved the conservative cause in the past 20 will not be missed. John McCain and Lindsay Graham I hope your next!!!

UPDATE: Looks like Hawaii's TEA Party guy won! Rand Paul won Big. Spector Lost BIG! And Now Wisconsin Republicans have endorsed Ron Johnson with the overwhelming support of the TEA Partiers! Fight on Scott Walker, and Johnson can take down Barret and Feingold in 2010!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

KRM The Little Engine that Can't.... Seem to go AWAY!

We all remember the story of the Little Engine that Could. In fact I read it as a child and to my own children from a Little Golden Book. Since I moved back to Racine 20 years ago, this story of a Transit system has been thrown around. The Cost is always under rated, and the ridership is inflated. I see that the County Sup's are proposing a referendum for this November on this issue. It is about time! Maybe we can put our School Referendum on the same ballot! But I digress. This referendum must be BINDING!! Not advisory..our young people can not afford another financial burden layered on top of all of the existing and upcoming burdens they will have to pay for Health care and other boon-doggels the Assorted Govt's will be piling on in the next few years.
Mr Mayor the City needs improved access I will make the roads better! wider smother, etc. It's time to extend the Lake Parkway from The Airport to the IL border. THAT Will bring new residents, customers investors etc. and most importantly JOBS!!!!

The little engine is yesterdays technology Mr. Mayor. Until the Jetson's era comes along we need to make Auto's, Trucks an buses our primary mode of transport!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to Blogging!

Thanks to the few of you who helped me identify and fix the "bug" on my Blogsite!

Health Care passes?? KRM stopped for now? Still too soon to know. But what we do know is that with 24 hours notice an "Instant TEA Party" can get 120 or so folks together in the Cold and speak our piece! Thanks again to the "Post" for coming to cover the story.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LiberTEA for Christians in Racine.

The City Council voted 14-1 against requiring a "Storefront" Church on Douglas Avenue to relocate or dissolve. Many of the Parrish members and it's Rev'd showed up and asked the City not void their lease. and the Rights of Property owner were upheld. Thanks to Denis at Free Racine and his urgent attention on this Matter several members of LiberTEA Racine were able to attend the Public forum and add their voices to the cause of the Liberty of the Church, the Parishioners, The Landlord and the Tenants, and all the other persons of Racine. Now the folks can pray in Peace. It was once again a victory against the City attempting to interfere in legal commerce thru it's micro-management. Of course we all accept the City has to have some planning. But if the City isn't prepared to purchase all of the buildings, and thus decide who all of the tenants will be. Sometimes the City leaders seem to feel this is a semi-private "Gated" community. It's not it's a city where people and businesses can choose to come and go, and if we want People and businesses to come we must make them feel welcome to make their own decisions with the own property. Subsequently the City needs to control itself when dictating who gets to live and operate where. In the past year we have blocked a Grocery, increased the cost of Liquor licenses; attempted to block a development in West Racine; And shoved Recycling bins onto everyone's doorstep, without a choice by the people.

Folks it shows that if we stand up and notify the Aldermen and the Mayor when an issue comes up we can change the direction of our city. Thanks to everyone who spoke, and thanks to all the Alderfolks who listened to the citizenry.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

KRM...What does the Mayor have do with it?

Racine Post 14th of Jan article on Dave Blanks response to the KRM Hotel Tax.

"Anon Said This was done in the assembly. What does the Mayor have to do with it?"

Hey Anon 1:08 Mayor Dickerts person appointed the RTA board is Jody Karls who serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. We can't "un-elect" Karls we can only ask the Mayor to give him the correct direction on issues like KRM and increasing our Taxes on things like Hotel's etc.
Now If Dave Blank doesn't like having his Axe gored with a Hotel tax. why does he think anyone else should bear the Tax. Rental Car companies? (They'll simply re-locate out of Racine and Milw counties). An increased sales tax? The Stadium tax was one tenth of oen percent. this thing will need at least a 2-3 Cent tax. (Don't believe me check with Chicago and the Metra)! Fact is we Don't need this KRM thing it will not work or get ridership anywhere near the needed amount to not lose a fortune per year. One propsal that MIGHT work and would cost a lot less money is to build an extension to METRA from Kenosha to Sturtevant Station. At least it would serve as a logical Hub for assorted transit options. and people can decide to take the Slow train or the fast train. to Chicago, the Burbs, the Airports and into Milwaukee. Racine can make sure that the Bus system logically connects with the Strutevant station to provide easy affordable access to all of the rail options at the Station. Furthermore there is easy parking near Stvt. Station. We could easily build a larger secure ramp for overnight parking as well. Heres the real beauty of my proposal this more Centralized station can attract riders from Burlington and Waterford as well as downtown Racinians. Whereas the State St. Station would only entice Downtowners to ride on very limited basis. Call the Mayor and him know that Jody Karls must oppose any tax increases or phony growth of RTA. Money is tight building a risky project like KRM is Silly and a irresponsible.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bonfire TEA Party January 16th 2010


Racine, WI – Fired up about high taxes? Come join the first ever “Bonfire Tea Party” in Racine. Not only will the bonfire be a great way to keep warm in chilly nights, but concerned taxpayers from all over Wisconsin and Illinois will be able to make sure their voices are heard by politicians.

The event will feature Joe the Plumber, Vicki McKenna and Dr. Tracey Purath. State Representative Robin Vos and Tim Dake of the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty will announce the Healthcare Freedom Amendment to the state Constitution. The organizer of the Racine “Bonfire Tea Party,” Lora Halberstadt, says after seeing what was happening in Washington DC and Madison, she had to act.

“The Racine Tea Party movement is concerned that the burden to our next generation is already at the breaking point and is completely unsustainable!” Halberstadt said, “We owe it to our children and grandchildren to protect their freedom and make their America a better place.”

WHAT: First ever “Bonfire Tea Party”
WHERE: 4505 Highway H, Franksville, WI
WHEN: Saturday, January 16, 2010, 3:00- 4:30 pm