Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sarah Palin's Qualifications

One of My Toledo Facebook Friends, (and a long time friend) posted the following comment (note the level of intolerance of other's opinions):
Face book user states: " 'has earned her disillusionment. she has been fighting most of her life" - Ani Difranco p.s. here's a litmus test. if you think that Sarah Palin is anything more than pretty hair and a waste of lip gloss... don't read my shit (on Facebook). Thank you."

I found it revealing that it fits the idea that "Everyone I know thinks X y or Z".

There was a bit of dialogue (including a comment mentioning Isabella Rosselini's and her beauty), and my response got a bit lengthy so I thought I'd copy it here:

Unfortunatly Isabella Rossellini is not eligible to run for Pres. or VP since she's Italian: But I agree she's pretty Hot.
Now maybe I'm a little out there but I don't vote for the "Hot" candidate; I vote for the most competent candidate, who most closely matches my ideology and supports the US Constitution, since the swearing in of said candidate must state the oath.
Now I would gladly put Palin's qualifications and resume up against any of the following: Barack Obama; Joe Biden; Hillary Clinton; Harry Ried; or Nancy Pelosi. While I don't expect to support her in the Primary in 2012 should she decide to run.. but I have great respect for her. For those of you who wish to dismiss her out of hand at this point in history go backwards 4 years and tell me anyone thought Barack Obama could possibly be elected President in 2008. I do find it interesting how my friends on the"Left" are trying so hard to dismiss her. She is a self made successful Woman, and mother..Who DOES have executive experience, Does have a background in business, does have a success as a Mother and Wife. She is also a WOMAN elected to the highest office in the Country so far. Something only a handful of woman have accomplished thus far. Granholm, Sebilius, Lingle, Rell and a very few others. Now Alaska is one of the most "White Male" Republican States in the country and yet they were able to elect a Woman.. how about Ohio? How many woman have one the top 3 jobs in Ohio? I'm counting none so far. (Same thing here in Wisconsin). Now I wouldn't vote for or against someone based on sex..I am just pointing it out. I know Rachel's for passion for fairness to woman..and I support her efforts and passion. I just wonder if the hair and make-up would be mentioned if Todd had beat her up, (Chris Brown)..or cheated on her (Bill Clinton), Or if she had been raped or had a few abortions (Maya Angelou). Instead she succeeded against many "Glass ceiling" odds. and almost made it to VP of the land. For those of you under the delusion that Palin lost the election for McCain..trust me when I tell you Johnny Mac lost his election, it would've been worse for him if Palin hadn't been on the ticket.


  1. All truth, Thank you.

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