Wednesday, December 2, 2009

President Obama fires Charlie Brown??!!

OK first GM and Chrysler and dictating how much money this, that or the other Regional director of Wachovia can be paid; But Mr. Present did you have to eliminate CHARLIE BROWN??? OK I realize how you only had 5 and a half months to create a policy that wouldn't succeed but will allow you to PRETEND that you are doing SOMETHING. Mr. Pres. Your "guy" Genl. McKrystal was the one who said give me 40,000 if YOU want to win. YOU sir decided on 30,000..that tells us, (The American people and the remaining Taliban, Al Queda and other potential enemies), that your heart isn't in it, and Victory is not part of your "Plan". This come as no surprise to me at all. I also noticed how little emotional support in the room full of young Officer's facing your leadership. You chose that Venue at West Point for your photo-op, and you had weeks to write your speech. and yet you gave the worst delivery I have seen from you. Mr. Present I have seen your don't care what you say as long it's on the Tele-prompter you "Read" a magnificent speech. You could read a recipe for oatmeal cookies with greater passion. That Sir was mailed in. I do hope that our forces can be effective next Spring as the numbers of casualties grows. Your base Mr. Pres. want you to fail on this mission as much as I want you to fail on Cap and Tax, Health care and foolhardy Stimulus pkg's.

Just remember Pres. O. This is the WAR you said needed to be fought. So strap on a pair and fight. Genl. McClellan "dithered" for 2 years.. Genl. US Grant WON! Try winning.

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