Friday, December 18, 2009

An Iranian Invasion of Iraq? Mr. President your move?

President Obama was going to be ready on "Day one", to preside. So here we have yet another act by a rogue country. Iran has gone into Iraq to steal and claim Oil Wells. This is the same week the President is trying to pass Health Care or anything he pretend is H/C. Unemployment is "Unexpectedly" up again? Unexpected to who Mr. President? Did you actually think passing a Trillion dollar spending program with no significant "shovel ready" projects ready to move. Only a small percent of the monies have been spent most of it went to Teachers union jobs, and AFSCME jobs in GOVERNMENT. So it wasn't unexpected to most of us..we realized the only way to grow jobs is to reduce the tax burden on Americans..especially was to reduce Taxes. U also knew that was true, but chose to wreck the economy further!

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