Saturday, November 21, 2009

George Vs. Goliath, (And are you throwing that away?)

I 'd like to point all of my readers to George Meyers new Blog. he's been active about a month or so. George has probably attended more City council meetings that most anyone else in the city..who isn't actually a seated board member. George has paid special attention to the Council this year as Mayor Dickert's first budget rolls thru. I am happy to report that there appears to be some sign of pressure on our elected Alderfolks. They are looking a bit more carefully at some of the spending that passes beneath their noses. It's good to see. every family and Business in the City, County, State, and Federal level had to sharpen the pencil and budget's. It's only normal that the City should do the same.

Rick Jones and his folks have managed to shove this "Recycling Cart" down our throats. when most folks were happy with the Blue Bags. It can not possibly be cheaper to the city, or the DPW or the taxpayers to go and purchase a bunch of silly carts. Just think for a second we still have to send a crew house to house..and they still have to pick-up the recyclables and throw them in the back of the truck. If a truck is parked in front of your house the attendant can more easily pick up 1,2 or even three Blue bags. But a cart will require 3 separate trips for the worker. How does that save time or money? Is that more efficient or less? Now many days or weeks during the year many people will not bother to drag the recycle cart to the road because of snow or what ever. Where tossing the blue bag would be easy.

Parking in the winter? Why must our city enforce this new weekend parking restriction? is it really because of snow removal and street sweeping? no of core not it's about collecting more "FEES". not taxes..don't be ridiculous..we're addicted to "FEES" yes on the 3-10 times a a winter it snows enough for an "emergency" but how many times is it on a Friday or Saturday. Maybe twice? Make no mistake folk it's for the Money...and the refusal to cut the hard stuff.

BTW I'd like to commend Jeff Coe, Sandy Weidner, and Mike Sheilds for at least having the cohannes to make some tough cuts. Bravo. George I'll try to join you for a few of these meetings..maybe if they can see the people watching they'll be even more thrifty. All of you out there who see George on Car 25 keep giving him and Atta-boy's.. he's looking out for you!!

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