Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dede Scozz. Get's Spooked in NY 23

I've been curious to watch the tide in the 2010 Races in NJ, Virginia and NY 23 Us Congressional race. After the Dem's controlled the Congress for nearly 3 years and the Executive position for nearly a year. These are always an interesting barometer of the mood, and faith of the direction of the country. NJ is notoriously Dem, but a few recent Re. have broken thru. The "Presint" and his advisers are watching this one very closely, should Corzine and all his money and backing lose it could derail much of the "Presint's" agenda..because the Blue Dog's and other moderate Dem's will be scared off. I think even in NJ the people are losing faith in the Huge Govt. agenda the Dem's are foisting on the masses all across the country, and are asking for a Hold" on any new taxes until we can see some stability in our markets, real estate values, etc.

Today Dede "S" who has been challenged from the Conservative Candidate Hoffman, has seen her lead evaporate in the past week or so, and she's now in third place. Today she has bowed out of the race. Dede is one of a dying breed of RINO's the Conservatives are gaining strength all across the country. Those Rino's of the past who spent too much during the Bush years are vanishing..Next time the R's take control of the House, Senate, and is imperative that they demonstrate spending control! In just 9 Months with all the control over spending Obama and the Dem's have spent more in deficit than Bush and the R's did in the first 6 years of their control!

All of the excessive, unexcusable spending is a Tax, and an infringement on the Liberty of all of us..but most especially the younger generation who will be enslaved by the debt we are amassing! Furthermore we have made it more difficult for them to climb the first rung of the ladder with outrageously high unemployment for the youngest workers!

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  1. Slightly disappointed at the narrow loss in this district. But i think we safely assume that Congressman Elect Owens will be very "Conservative" Blue dog for the next year. I trust Mr. Hoffman will immediately announce for the Republican and Conservative mantle and start running hard and fast for 2010. Look out Mr. Owens!

    Elated that McDonnell won in Virginia, and in Awe that Gov.-elect Christie toppled the corrupt Mr. Corzine. Present Obama We are are paying attention. It's time to drop the Health Care overhaul.!