Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dede Scozz. Get's Spooked in NY 23

I've been curious to watch the tide in the 2010 Races in NJ, Virginia and NY 23 Us Congressional race. After the Dem's controlled the Congress for nearly 3 years and the Executive position for nearly a year. These are always an interesting barometer of the mood, and faith of the direction of the country. NJ is notoriously Dem, but a few recent Re. have broken thru. The "Presint" and his advisers are watching this one very closely, should Corzine and all his money and backing lose it could derail much of the "Presint's" agenda..because the Blue Dog's and other moderate Dem's will be scared off. I think even in NJ the people are losing faith in the Huge Govt. agenda the Dem's are foisting on the masses all across the country, and are asking for a Hold" on any new taxes until we can see some stability in our markets, real estate values, etc.

Today Dede "S" who has been challenged from the Conservative Candidate Hoffman, has seen her lead evaporate in the past week or so, and she's now in third place. Today she has bowed out of the race. Dede is one of a dying breed of RINO's the Conservatives are gaining strength all across the country. Those Rino's of the past who spent too much during the Bush years are vanishing..Next time the R's take control of the House, Senate, and is imperative that they demonstrate spending control! In just 9 Months with all the control over spending Obama and the Dem's have spent more in deficit than Bush and the R's did in the first 6 years of their control!

All of the excessive, unexcusable spending is a Tax, and an infringement on the Liberty of all of us..but most especially the younger generation who will be enslaved by the debt we are amassing! Furthermore we have made it more difficult for them to climb the first rung of the ladder with outrageously high unemployment for the youngest workers!

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Peace" in just 11 Days!!

Obama was sworn in as "Present" for 11 Days.. Yes that's right 11 DAYS!!! "Present" Obama was so masterful that he earned the highest Peace award.

Remember folks Adolph Hitler and Yassar Arafat also won or were nominated for the "Peace" prize. and glowingly un-brilliant incompetents like Al Gore and Jimmy Carter also won. The selection was made on Feb 1st! Obama was sworn in 11 days earlier!!.. the only thing he had accomplished by that time was a freeze on Drilling in the US, an empty promise to close Gitmo, and opening up the American wallet to pay for abortions in other countries. for that he get's a "Peace" award???

Imagine W was president for 8 years and stopped or brought their knees 5 tyrants...Osama, Saddam, Qhadaffi, Kim Jung Il, and Arafat. He at least made fools of Achmedinajad, Chavez, and even kept Bashir in check.

Under Bush more woman were given freedoms in Muslim countries than at any time in history.

I have thought Nobel prize was a fools game anyway. Nobel was the inventor of TNT afterall...not exactly a "peaceful" tool!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blame it on Rio or Blame it on B.O.?

Congratulations to the Brazilians and all of South America. I believe this will be the third time in history the Summer games will be played the Southern Hemisphere, (Melbourne and Sydney). It might mean the games will be in Sept./October like the Aussies did in Sydney. Remember how that impacted our Presidential election.

Of course the absolute embarrassment of the "Pres-ent" dropping everything to go to Denmark where the results were not pre-ordained was just politically stupid.

One thing or another happened: Either the the deal was pre-determined that Chicago would win and the "Pres-ent" wanted to stick his nose in and claim a victory.. which is the worst possible scenario.. because if true; He went, He spoke, He knelt and the Euro's were not as impressed as we were led to believe they would be.
Or it wasn't pre-set in which case he demonstrated that he is not the great sales guy he portends himself to be. (Maybe Vince, the Sham WoW guy wasn't available).

Now ask yourself.. he had to know there was a downside risk here. Did Richard Daley have the dirt on him, enough to convince him to make the effort.. When Pres-ent O' should be figuring out what he thinks about Afganistan..what he should do with the Auto industry that he F'ed up; what he should do to try re-invigorate the economy..oh yeah and what about the Health Care thingy.. that he has over-exposed himself over.

(BTW Mr. Pres-ent if you want to get the economy going again..get out there and propose extending the Bush tax cuts for another 4 years. They expire next year! Furthermore look for other cuts in taxes and spending immediately!) Cancel the stimulus package!

Well I'll give him this at least he didn't apologize this time for anything.

How does this effect Racine? Well if Chicago had gotten the games the KRM thing would be put on the front burner.. fortunately we can keep this thing kicked down the path for another few years. We can keep the focus on widening 94 and perhaps we can get back to discussing extending 794 to Racine, Kenosha, Waukegan and beyond.

I do hope Chicago re-applies for the 2020 Olympics and President Mitt Romney would have much greater credentials to bring to the table, and it Gives Illinois a few years to clean up it's politics. Can someone please beat Richard Daley!!