Thursday, September 24, 2009

"They don't know who they're messing with," J. Spangenberg

Jim Spangenberg Alderman from West Racine, Is wielding his mighty sword AGAIN!. This time he's after a local businessman Tom Tousis. TT has bowed at the alter of the Union's; The Enviornmentalist's; many of the West Racine neighbors; the Farmers Market; and even the city council. Evidently he forgot to kneel down before Ald. Spang. and beg his mercy and blessing.

Shame on you Tom how dare you try to do business in this town. Did you not the read signs on the way into town. Unless you are willing to open a business designed by the City council which it has deemed appropriate, in it's infinite wisdom.

You see Tom our City Council, (which was going to "help" historic neighbors decide which shingles and window treatments they should consider appropriate). Has evidently created a new product, It's called "Business in a Box". This where a City Council creates the business YOU should build, YOU simply go in with your big stack of money and they will design your a business for YOU! Now don't expect to be allowed to sell anything profitable, or that will make your shop convenient, like petroleum or alcohol.

You see Tom our city is losing residents, has a high unemployment problem, and opening anything other than yet another Dollar Store, is considered to "Elitist".

OK sorry about the heavy hand above. but really this is getting ridiculous!! If I understand this correctly Tousis isn't asking for a hand out. He's getting property back on the tax rolls; his proposal will create jobs and provide products and services to a neighborhood. Furthermore he is spending his own money, he has a viable and I would say clean, attractive business on Douglas already.

So seriously Alderman Spangenberg, why not allow a Gas Station on that location. Or reach into your pocket and you build the perfect project. If Tom Fails he fails. America should be about success without the heavy hand of Govt.

Threats like "They don't know who they're messing with," Are just as over the top as my article.


  1. What can we do to help? I am tired of these anti business alderman.

  2. You can call them, repeatedly. You can show up at city council meetings and make a statement about Individual Liberty and freedom and a pro-business climate in our community. Feel free to e-mail me at

    Even though my posting is snarky and sarcastic, I always am respectful when I call. But if your correct keep at them and hopefully they'll change or make it a point to support or challenge the Alderman who seem to be taking the wrong stances for our city's future.

  3. With respect your wrong on this issue. Since the CITY own the lot the people get to have input on the issue. If is was a privet lot I may not like it but nothing I could other then not shop there.
    However since this is not the case the people get to have input.
    Its not all about the $$ with this one. We need to know a lot more example if the station if/when goes belly up who's on the hook for site clean up?
    I,myself am very interested in all the $$ being spend on this very interested.

    Now if's it all about the $$ we should at once cut down Dekvon woods and put up a low income housing project and a Gas Station

  4. Colt- this property was bought, and the buildings knocked down, to be developed. The fact that there are trees and grass on there is because of the weird easements on the property that make it almost unbuildable. Through in an anti-development alderman in the area and that is why it has been vacant for 9 years.

  5. It never fails to suprise me about Colt, what a character. Colt trees and grass are buetiful things that God has given to us, we should respect that, but the fact still remains Racine is dying because of tree hugging antidevelopment morons such as yourself. This site I would say is far to conservative for liberals such as yourself. If you what to discuss issues with those that will agree with you maybe you should call Mr. Mason or Mr. Lehman I sure they will be glad to hear from the likes of you. And in closing if I were you I would call fast because their days are numbered.

  6. How about the West Racine Bid Board morphing into an "advisory panel" in order to hold secret meetings that aren't posted or open. They also have a Racine department head on the roster along with three aldermen. The whole bid board in one place discussing pertaining matters sounds like open meeting violations to me. One of my neighbors has requested that the city investigate these meetings. These are nasty liars that we have elected to represent us, insteas they represent themselves.