Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Has the "Economic Civil War" begun? Is that what "Change" is?

It seems the Obama "non-partisan" local support groups are now threatening local business just for allowing opposing groups to meet in their businesses. I am affiliated with assorted business, political, and advocacy groups. One of those groups meets un-officially at a local restaurant. When the coordinator of another local "Change" group, found out that our group would be meeting at this location, she went and approached the Franchise owner after asking several employees who to discuss her concern's with.

Now this is not a formal meeting, no mics, no dues collected, no attendance is taken, it's not part of a 401C or anything. Just people with a similar point of view meeting to discuss our issues, and offer suggestions on how to address them. We don't involve anyone from nearby tables. We simply gather enough chairs and tables to accommodate our group; from 4-20 people, whoever shows up.

The owner of this local franchise received a veiled threat from this woman, notably that the business could be boycotted because he was permitting this group to meet at his place. Inferring that many people might object to this group and what it believes..perhaps his business might even be accused of supporting "RACISM"!! Yes the "Racism" word that is being tossed around. (There is absolutely nothing Racial or Racist within this particular group). But have you noticed since last weeks Obama speech how much the word Racism is being thrown around? (See Maureen Dowd amoung others).

I have recently had several people mention that they wouldn't support my local business because of my political views. My business is not "political" although I can be. It is a fine line you cross, especially when you are a one person operation. I have been made to feel that if I don't support the Neo-lefties and the "Statist" overthrow of our country, that they would like to see my business suffer.

My second hand information appears to point to the leadership of a local "Non-Partisan" controversial head. I wonder now if said person might be responsible for the attacks on myself and other businesses in town, on the blogs and elsewhere. If my suspicion is proved out; It would be ironic considering the recent hulaballo over the town hall forums, and the phony outrage demonstrated during that fiasco. I can only imagine if the business person had been threatened to have the Franchisor "notified". Perhaps that was inferred in the veiled threat?? (BTW neither the franchisor, or the Franchisee are part of this group that meets).

I have read recently some who say that we already in a "Civil War" in this country between Right and Left. Instead of North vs. South it seems the "Tolerant Left" may not be so tolerant after all. But it comes as no surprise to me. I have left the names of the players out of this general topic, but I know firsthand all of the players involved, (although one is only a suspect, that meets the description to a tee).

The identification has been verified that person who approached the Franchise owner has verified that it was in fact Kelly Gallaher. (Thanks to the picture featured on Racine POST. Thanks Pete Selkowe!)


  1. Show the manager her picture. They have one on the Racine post site.

  2. What's the name of the restaurant? I want to make sure to give them my business. (BTW, this isn't anything new....I remember when I was campaigning and businesses in the city who had Stepp signs in their windows were threatened regularly to suffer economically. Some caved; some didn't...and in the end we won the election.) It really only makes Kelly and her gang look bad.

  3. At the request of the Restaurant owner's I'll keep it off the page, but I'll tell you discreetly. DT Brown

  4. This is something new Cathy. There is no candidate, there is no sign.

    This is a few people getting together to have a conversation at a local eatery.

    Nothing more. If this is what angers Kelly Gallaher she needs to seek help and read a copy of the US Constitution.

  5. Given the size of the crowd she was able to attract to Paul Ryan's town hall meetings, I'm sure the place will be able to absorb the boycott.

  6. Don't let the moonbat get to you, she has proven how ineffectual she can be.

    FYI, Mark Belling gave the issue a few minutes on his radio show this afternoon, it was just before the 5:30 newscast if you would like to track it down on his podcast.

  7. The Econ boycotts are not news in Wisconsin.

    The President-twinkette of a large Madison-area IT business forced her building contractor to quit the Board of WMC.

    See: http://dad29.blogspot.com/2008/06/conservative-dont-bother-selling-to.html

  8. That's the beauty of the free market- i can choose to support crazy teabagger businesses, or I can choose not to.

    I choose NOT!

  9. Anon 9:52 of course you can chose to or not but if u and Biz "A" agree on 90% of an issue, but on 10% would that make sense to punish them, or worse yet use economic Extortion?

  10. Anon 9:52: the business has nothing to do with the group that meets there. They don't sponsor it or encourage or participate in it.

    By the way, are you grown up enough to discuss issues without using vile homosexual slurs? Guess not.

    The state of arrested development on the Left never ceases to amaze me.

  11. Further Anon 9:52 ... this is no different than a group of senior citizens or any other group of people with similar interests meeting weekly for breakfast and picking a convenient location.

    You know absolutely nothing about the owner/operator of this business and to slander and smear him wrongfully and to essentially extort him into kicking legitimate customers who are doing nothing wrong — not disrupting business, not prostelytizing other customers, not doing anything other than eating, drinking and having conversation — tells more about you.

    Please, slither back into the gutter from where you came.

    Also, get a name instead of hiding behind a cloak of anonymity and tossing your burning bags of dog crap.

  12. I have known quite a few business owners who were quite public in their politics. Dave Kristopeit and Kewpee's was probably the most "famous." I can't tell that any of them suffered from the notoriety. Dave and Kewpee's certainly outlived the city parking ramp that tried to bury them.

    Often the publicity that such attempted boycotts bring to the establishment only increases business sales.

    So bring Kelly on. And then let's all go that restaurant and eat. (What did you say the name of that place was?)

  13. I would go out of my way to support this business. Feel free to let me know.

  14. I like the phrase "economic civil war." It's what's here if these thugs have declared war on a business simply because some people whose views they want to suppress meet there on their own independent of the business owner.

    Apparently, if you have the wrong views, it's their goal to make sure you are ruined, destitute and living in the gutter, ostracized by so-called decent society. What's next? Internment camps? Prison? Execution?

  15. As a member of this group, I was shocked to hear anyone would stoop so low to be whining about our meeting in a restaurent, eating their food/drinks & minding our own business. It smacks of desperation to be challenged that an opposing group dare meet. This is America not a communist nation. (I hope.)

  16. Cathy Stepp said...

    snip->I remember when I was campaigning and businesses in the city who had Stepp signs in their windows were threatened regularly to suffer economically. Some caved; some didn't...and in the end we won the election.)->endsnip

    Well, I hate to be the one (really I'm thrilled) to tell you that it is illegal in Wisconsin for any business that has incorporated to post campaign signs. That includes LLCs. Which is something I would have hoped someone who not only ran campaigns but won would know.......So, uh, why aren't you in office anymore? heh

  17. Well, I hate to be the one (really I'm thrilled) to tell you that it is illegal in Wisconsin for any business that has incorporated to post campaign signs.

    That is simply not true. And that is from having actually owned part of one. So once again, please go peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

    Since it is private property, I can put up anything I like. There is something called the First Amendment. Perhaps little pinhead fascists like you should educate yourself on it. It reads:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Incorporation or establishing an LLC does not deprive any business owner of freedom of speech.

    Try again. We have some lovely parting gifts for you on your way out.

    And if you can back, please use a name rather that toss burning bags of dog crap on the front porch while hiding behind the cowardice of anonymity

  18. True Peter, very true.

    I'm sure the cowardly poster had no issues with the left wing downtown Racine businesses who had Obama signs posted in their windows.

    Besides, you simply can not hold a candidate accountable about what a business does with a sign.

    That is a childish, silly position. (about what you would expect from a left-winger)

  19. Where's the facts? This smells like gossip. How does an anecdote here about a "veiled threat" turn into "threaten the management" at "Real" Debate Wisconsin and "she would organize a boycott" at Wigderson's?

  20. John I have the facts from the aggrieved party. I wrote them in the article above. Kelly Gallaher has been asked to deny the claims. I invite her to contact me, or Fred, or Mark Belling if she wishes to deny it. The business owner didn't know who Kelly was. He described the incident to me in detail, and included a description, I was able to produce a photo of Kelly, and he immediately said that was her, with no hesitation. Those sir are the facts. If you have additional "Facts" to dispute the story, bring them to my attention and I'll report on it. I would also retract or correct any errors. But the parties I have thus far been in touch with support the story as written completely.
    Ms. Gallaher's Silence thus far speaks volumes.

    Furthermore some quick checking with DA's office suggests the Biz owner and any of us in the group COULD press harassment charges. Now we wouldn't of course.
    But, Ironicly the purpose of our most recent meeting was to find ways to stop voter fraud, and intimidation, in Racine, and naturally "Community For Change" doesn't want anyone getting in the way of the "voter motivation". (They're not in favour of "Changing" voter fraud). We all know Vote fraud is ongoing in Racine, Milwaukee and many other places, From ACORN and other groups, and individuals.

  21. I'm not seeing what you're seeing. Which restaurant? Which manager? You're saying the manager identified this person, after the fact, based on a picture you printed? (I assume it was an 8x10 glossy with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back.)

    Even presuming it's all true and that Gallaher has no alternative view of the story, all this equals "Economic Civil War"?

    No District Attorney would've given you that advice. You've got to be kidding. Who did you talk to?

  22. Gallaher's bunch of commies ("Community for Change") meets at Blueberries for breakfast on Saturday mornings, at least they did.

  23. Criminal Harassment, Wis. Stat. sec. 947.013 (in part):
    “Engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which harass or intimidate the person and which serve no legitimate purpose.”

    Perhaps in your mind Mr. Foust, Ms. Gallaher's actions served a legitimate purpose?

    And as to the manager's identifying Ms. Gallaher with a photo. While this was a much less "official" use of a photo ID, I'm pretty sure most police departments still make use of mug shots (which to the best of my knowledge, are not generally marked up with circles and arrows although I can't say about the paragraph on the back. Perhaps Arlo Guthrie knows for sure).

    "No District Attorney would've given you that advice" ... I'm not a lawyer or government employee, perhaps you are. What do you base your claim on?

  24. Maybe us conservatives ought to boycott liberals' businesses and see how they like it. Oh wait. It would be a wasted effort: they're not in business in the first place.

    Sent from Jayne.

  25. Pete,
    Kelly Gallaher has obviously never read the Bill Of Rights. But I don't all together blame her for her ignorance. The communists in the education system have not been teaching it for years. You see the best way to deprive the people of their rights without changing anything is to not let them know what their rights are to begin with. Thank you for giving her an education. Oh and Kelly, if you would like, just write me and I'll get you a copy.