Saturday, September 26, 2009

Racine has Wisconsin's BEST Schools!

OK no they don't actually. But in 5 years they COULD. Free Racine this morning has some great commentary about what schools can/ or should teach. Free Racine

I responded:
In an ideal situation the Govt. would provide a voucher for each U.S. student to be used for educational purposes. The parents of the children could direct those funds towards the education they believe is the best for each child. It could be an all philosophy school, and all arts academy, and athletics, or even military focused academy; or a plethera of options in between. Different sized communities would offer greater assortments. People with similar needs may decide to relocate in certain areas that offer a specific experience.

Racine is actually the perfect size city to experiment with. We have lot's of school buildings many are empty. and we could offer REAL school choice right here in Racine, Caledonia, Mt. Pleasant.
It is true that initially the religious schools would attract students and would likely double or triple enrollments within the first 2-3 years of the program. but soon you will see experimental start-ups throughout our community. Capitalism and quality will determine which schools succeed or fail.

It's too late for my children to benefit, but it's not too late for the next generation of children in our city.

If we want to draw people, business and opportunity to our city we must create something better, and different. Racine's biggest challenge is our public schools reputation, Imagine a few years from now the perception of is Racine is how fantastic the educational opportunities are.
We can do this WITHOUT increasing taxes on citizens or businesses."

Now I realize this will not fix broken families or other endemic problems, that NO GOVT. program can fix. But we are always told to not be so narrow minded, I submit to you that this 21st century approach to education will save money and resources for all of us. But most importantly will raise the quality of education of our children.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"They don't know who they're messing with," J. Spangenberg

Jim Spangenberg Alderman from West Racine, Is wielding his mighty sword AGAIN!. This time he's after a local businessman Tom Tousis. TT has bowed at the alter of the Union's; The Enviornmentalist's; many of the West Racine neighbors; the Farmers Market; and even the city council. Evidently he forgot to kneel down before Ald. Spang. and beg his mercy and blessing.

Shame on you Tom how dare you try to do business in this town. Did you not the read signs on the way into town. Unless you are willing to open a business designed by the City council which it has deemed appropriate, in it's infinite wisdom.

You see Tom our City Council, (which was going to "help" historic neighbors decide which shingles and window treatments they should consider appropriate). Has evidently created a new product, It's called "Business in a Box". This where a City Council creates the business YOU should build, YOU simply go in with your big stack of money and they will design your a business for YOU! Now don't expect to be allowed to sell anything profitable, or that will make your shop convenient, like petroleum or alcohol.

You see Tom our city is losing residents, has a high unemployment problem, and opening anything other than yet another Dollar Store, is considered to "Elitist".

OK sorry about the heavy hand above. but really this is getting ridiculous!! If I understand this correctly Tousis isn't asking for a hand out. He's getting property back on the tax rolls; his proposal will create jobs and provide products and services to a neighborhood. Furthermore he is spending his own money, he has a viable and I would say clean, attractive business on Douglas already.

So seriously Alderman Spangenberg, why not allow a Gas Station on that location. Or reach into your pocket and you build the perfect project. If Tom Fails he fails. America should be about success without the heavy hand of Govt.

Threats like "They don't know who they're messing with," Are just as over the top as my article.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Has the "Economic Civil War" begun? Is that what "Change" is?

It seems the Obama "non-partisan" local support groups are now threatening local business just for allowing opposing groups to meet in their businesses. I am affiliated with assorted business, political, and advocacy groups. One of those groups meets un-officially at a local restaurant. When the coordinator of another local "Change" group, found out that our group would be meeting at this location, she went and approached the Franchise owner after asking several employees who to discuss her concern's with.

Now this is not a formal meeting, no mics, no dues collected, no attendance is taken, it's not part of a 401C or anything. Just people with a similar point of view meeting to discuss our issues, and offer suggestions on how to address them. We don't involve anyone from nearby tables. We simply gather enough chairs and tables to accommodate our group; from 4-20 people, whoever shows up.

The owner of this local franchise received a veiled threat from this woman, notably that the business could be boycotted because he was permitting this group to meet at his place. Inferring that many people might object to this group and what it believes..perhaps his business might even be accused of supporting "RACISM"!! Yes the "Racism" word that is being tossed around. (There is absolutely nothing Racial or Racist within this particular group). But have you noticed since last weeks Obama speech how much the word Racism is being thrown around? (See Maureen Dowd amoung others).

I have recently had several people mention that they wouldn't support my local business because of my political views. My business is not "political" although I can be. It is a fine line you cross, especially when you are a one person operation. I have been made to feel that if I don't support the Neo-lefties and the "Statist" overthrow of our country, that they would like to see my business suffer.

My second hand information appears to point to the leadership of a local "Non-Partisan" controversial head. I wonder now if said person might be responsible for the attacks on myself and other businesses in town, on the blogs and elsewhere. If my suspicion is proved out; It would be ironic considering the recent hulaballo over the town hall forums, and the phony outrage demonstrated during that fiasco. I can only imagine if the business person had been threatened to have the Franchisor "notified". Perhaps that was inferred in the veiled threat?? (BTW neither the franchisor, or the Franchisee are part of this group that meets).

I have read recently some who say that we already in a "Civil War" in this country between Right and Left. Instead of North vs. South it seems the "Tolerant Left" may not be so tolerant after all. But it comes as no surprise to me. I have left the names of the players out of this general topic, but I know firsthand all of the players involved, (although one is only a suspect, that meets the description to a tee).

The identification has been verified that person who approached the Franchise owner has verified that it was in fact Kelly Gallaher. (Thanks to the picture featured on Racine POST. Thanks Pete Selkowe!)